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Floral Sweater

If you’re an Instagram dweller like I am, you notice that a lot of the fashion icons wear many neutral pieces in their day-to-day looks that just always seem to stand out. For the longest, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and even in my own outfits, I would get compliments on what I was wearing and my closet only consisted of black, white, and hues of brown. To me, there was nothing special about what I was wearing. But as I began looking deeper and deeper into my own personal style and the style of those who inspire me, I began realizing that it’s not always about having these extreme colors or something overly different, but it’s about wearing outfits that fit your body, personal style, and then adding that piece of flair.

This extra warm Michelle Nicole sweater spoke to me when I was taking my monthly trip to Nordstrom Rack. The blue hue just fit for the winter season and the fabric was just what I needed to get through these cold winter months. But what makes this sweater stand out is that floral embroidery that it includes. This simple piece does so much. It adds color and brings in warmth to these cold weather top. And it brings a little magic to the entire outfit. When walking down the street in my local town, a couple complimented my sweater and said that it was just that special flower that made the sweater what it is. While at dinner, the waitress even told me that the sweater reminded her of Beauty and the Beast and I see it.

By having a little flair in your basic pieces that speak to you makes all the difference. And when it speaks to you, that means that it is a piece that belongs in your closet because you’ll wear it with confidence. In my honest opinion, confidence is the most fashionable piece that you’ll ever wear.



{{Photos by K. Vrabel Photography}}

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