How to Accentuate Animal Print in Your Outfit

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We all know that the animal print trend is everywhere and it doesn’t seem as if it is going away any time soon. From gowns to heels on shoes, you have probably seen it everywhere and, like many, you may be asking yourself how to make the animal print trend your own. There are so many ways to rock any trend, including this one, and if I were to cover absolutely everything in today’s post, I might end up writing a whole book. So I am going to stick to one subject today and give tips on how you can accentuate print in your outfits even when it may only be on a small part of your outfit such as the heel part of your shoe.



With the animal print trend, sometimes less can be more or more can just be exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s up to you on how much animal print you want to include in your look. But the main idea is that, in accentuating the trend, you want to make the print the focus point of the outfit.

I’ve seen many people who have worn animal print on small pieces of their outfit like their purses, and even though they aren’t carrying it around everywhere, it still becomes the focus of the entire look. When wearing a print, you want to make sure that nothing else in your outfit is pulling focus. Keep everything plain and don’t wear any other prints that would take away from the animal print.

Additionally, whatever color your animal print is in, make sure to wear colors that compliment it. Most of the time, you’ll see the print itself in black, but the pattern will lay on color such as in this outfit how the print is black but it is laying on a tan background. So, what I did, was I complimented it with a green sweater that goes well with the color palette and is plain enough that it doesn’t take anything away from the skirt at all.

But you still may be saying, “Well, a skirt is seen more than maybe animal print on an earring or a purse.” And I completely understand if you’re still thinking if these tips will work.

Well, the answer is that they will. Even when you’re wearing smaller pieces with an animal print, still make sure that you’re making that piece the focal point. If it’s on your earrings, make sure your hair is pulled back and that the rest of your outfit is neutral to, again, not take away from the print in your outfit – no matter where it is.

I’m one that loves wearing animal print in a big way, whether it’s a skirt or a top, or maybe even a tall boot. How do you like wearing this trend?

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