How to Look Taller: Tips for the Creating Style Illusions

livinglesh fashion tips on how to look taller

Are you searching for tips on how to look taller with the clothes you already have in your closet? For many women, it becomes hard to shop and find the right clothes to create the style illusions you want. I often have difficulty shopping for both tops and bottoms in certain stores, and even when the store has a petite section because of my size, I feel limited in what I can purchase. I don’t want to be forced to buy items and then reach out to a local tailor to have the hem altered. That’s costly and very time-consuming. For anyone, wearing clothes that are just too long or don’t fit well, can create a look that you don’t feel confident wearing. Whether you’re on the petite side, the taller side, or even if you are some whether in between, these tips on how to look taller will help to you create length while also accentuating the parts of your body that you want accentuated. However, through my struggles, I have discovered some tips and tricks to create some length with clothes that you probably already have in your closet such as not having the need to alter the hemline of a dress. And if you don’t, each tip will include the best places to find these items for an amazing price!

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a poncho with off the shoulder top

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #1: Flared Bottom Jeans

Pants that are fitted and flare at the bottom give an illusion of longer leg. And if you include shoes that have a pointed toe, you create even more length. When purchasing flared bottomed pants, make sure that you purchase pants that are tightly fitted to your upper leg and that you wear the pants on your waist (not above or it will ruin the illusion). For a top, try a cropped top that only shows a little skin or a tucked-in blouse.

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HOW TO LOOK TALLER #2: High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

Bring up your waistline and accentuate those legs! By wearing high waisted skinny jeans, you are making it look as if you have a longer lower body. And most of the high waisted pants that I find in the store end right at my ankles so you often don’t get the crazy bunching at your ankle (which is just a big annoyanceI). With high waisted skinny jeans being a huge trend, you can find them almost anywhere in various styles, washes, and lengths. So, if you are not in the “regular” size of jeans, you can definitely find some that fit your height and hug your curves.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a sonoma wide leg pant

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #3: Keep Your Hair Back

Many people are going for the short bob these days. It’s trending, but that’s not a look for everyone. Although, I do agree that one trick to keep you looking taller is to pull your hair back and keep it off your neck. Long hair doesn’t help, but you don’t have to get rid of it. By pulling your hair off of your neck, you are opening up your neckline which gives the illusion of you looking taller. With scrunchies becoming a big trend again, pulling your hair back is now becoming easier and more fashionable.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a Camila Coelho sweater and maxi skirt

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #4: Don’t Avoid Maxi Skirts

I’ve heard time and time again that petite women should avoid long maxi skirts at all cost because it makes you look shorter, and even sometimes you can be too tall to wear a maxi skirt and it ends up looking like a midi skirt which is not exactly what you were probably going for. I’ve found out that the idea of avoiding maxi skirts is a misconception. It actually can make you look taller. The trick? Bring up the waist only slightly so that you aren’t dragging the fabric on the ground & make sure to pair the skirt with a tucked in loose-fitting tee or a crop top. As a petite, I style maxi skirts in a specific way that make me look taller and accentuates my frame.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a lovers and friends karwayna pant

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #5: The Best Trousers Are High Waisted & Wide Legged

There are some types of pants that you actually want to let touch the floor, contrary to popular belief. High waisted trousers that have a wide leg is the one type of bottoms that create length when they touch the floor and maybe slightly drag. The illusion comes from the high waist created a longer bottom half and the tip of your shoe (preferable pointed) creating a look of a longer leg.

Also, high waisted, wide-legged pants that don’t hit the floor do the same thing. They create length. So the verdict – just buy some high waisted & wide-legged trousers and pick your preference of the length.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a superdown raquel sweater

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #6: Tuck In That Top

Whether you’re wearing high waisted bottoms or bottoms that sit on your natural waistline, one trick to look taller is to tuck in your top. This creates a look of a longer torso and accentuates your waist. Any woman, whether petite, average size or tall, will create a few extra inches by just tucking in her top. My advice – make sure that it is a plain color top and possibly loose fitting. I guarantee you’ll see the change immediately.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a revolve vessi

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #7: Bring On The Crop Top

There are two ways that a crop top can change your figure. The one thing that you want to do is pair the crop top with something high waisted. This creates length and creates focus on your legs while also elongating your torso. And to add a little extra – finish off the look by adding a belt over the midline of your outfit. This may cover up any extra skin that you might not want showing and it accentuates your waist.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a lpa sweater dress

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #8: Work Those Stripes

Wearing stripes can do many things to your look. My favorite go to for looking taller is styling striped dresses, but striped blazers, tops, and pants create the same style illusion for helping you to look taller. Just how horizontal lines create width and show off curves, vertical lines create length which will make you look taller. You can wear your stripes either thick or thin, but my advice is to make sure you keep only one color paired with white.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a superdown rachel wrap dress

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #9: Bring Up the Hemline

This tip is a no-brainer – a shorter hemline is your friend. Stick with mini skirts or hemlines that end at or above mid-calf. This will show off more leg, which will most definitely make you look so much taller. This tip can also be applied to shorts and rompers. Just alter the hemline, and you don’t have to shop the petite section to find pieces like this.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a tularosa tilly top in lemon

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #10: Nude Heels or Flats

Nude toned shoes should always be included in your closet. It is an essential staple to a wardrobe. The nude flat actually helps and it doesn’t require you to feel like you must wear heels. Try to find a shoe as close to your natural skin tone (which is pretty hard for someone like me) – this is essential because what the shoe does is add length by making your legs look taller and leaner. Many celebrities do this on the red carpet and is actually a trick that various stylists, like me, use when dressing shorter women.

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HOW TO LOOK TALLER #11: Open Up the Neckline

Off the shoulder tops and shirts that show off your neck and shoulders are great for looking taller. And if you add the extra trick of pulling your hair back, you’ll create even more length. But if you’re a girl who likes to have her hair down, then this is the one thing that will help you to look taller without having to put your hair in a bun, braids, or ponytail. But try to keep your hair off your shoulders as much as possible because it will take a way from your neck which is the key aspect of this elongating illusion.

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livinglesh wearing a valentine's day dress from revolve

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #12: Wear a V-Neck

Just like wearing an off the shoulder top, wearing pieces with a deep V-neck or plunging neckline gives you a look of a longer torso. And to drive it home, even more, wearing your deep-V with all your hair pulled back will show off your neck and your torso – adding so many inches with such chic fashion aspects.

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livinglesh how to look taller wearing a revolve lavendar jumpsuit

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #13: Wear a Solid Color

Here’s a trick I learned just recently, but wearing a single color outfit (even better if head to toe), you’ll create an illusion of length. Most women do this by wearing a black jumpsuit or long dress, but if you wear a piece with a bright color, you are being just as effective and you’ll be the vibrant star of the party. Make sure to not overcompensate the monochromatic look with too many accessories. Keep the focus on the outfit.

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livinglesh how to look taller styling a leopard print clutch

HOW TO LOOK TALLER #14: Keep a Small Handbag

It’s all about proportion and scale – you don’t want to carry a bag that is bigger than you. So try to avoid the over-sized bag unless you are heading to the beach. Stick will small clutches or smaller handbags that compliment your size.

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livinglesh fashion tips on how to look taller
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