How to Make a Neutral Look Chic

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I’m a huge advocate for color. Though I love my neutral tones, I prefer to have color in my wardrobe. My closet is arranged in rainbow order and when I go shopping with my mom, I constantly get on her case for only wearing black, white, or brown. Though I see nothing wrong with wearing those colors, because I know that there are people who rock those tones and only those tones, I am just huge on color. But occasionally, I like to just go neutral and find a look that is chic, monochromatic, and fit with my personal style.



When it comes to neutral tones, my fashion tip is to find pieces that have a little extra element to them. There have been many times where I have seen plain outfits that are spiced up enough and the person wearing them even mentions that they are feeling a little bland that day.

So with this outfit, I loved out this neutral top had a cold shoulder look that wasn’t like many other sweaters that I have seen. Instead of having both shoulders out, only one is bare and the neck is emphasized. Another aspect of this sweater is also that it has a little sparkle to it. That little sparkle helped to let this sweater stand out away from the neutral tone of the skirt.

Then with this maxi skirt, which is perfect for my petite frame because it is not dragging on the ground, I love that this skirt had a tie in the front that could also be moved to the back with just a quick switch. By pulling up this maxi skirt and tying it in the front, I was able to make the sweater a little less sweater-like and more as an accentuated top. What’s more – this skirt has so much movement to it that it makes a statement just with a quick blow of the wind.

If neither of your pieces have extra elements to them, then add color or sparkle with your accessories. Try adding a handbag that has a little animal print. Or maybe some statement earrings that can become the focus of the outfit. Both also work. I always think that with neutral looks, the more “umph” you can add the better.

So, if you’re one that loves neutral-toned looks, or if you are just looking to see how to take some of your neutral pieces and make them outfits that stand out among the rest. The biggest thing to remember is to make sure those outfits sparkle.

Be BOLD or italic. Never just regular.

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