How to Mix & Match Colors and Prints

Mix And Match Prints

Mix And Match Prints

When we shop, nine times out of ten, we are finding pieces that exactly match, purchasing two-piece outfits, or styling a neutral bottom with a statement top. We often find ourselves putting too many colors and patterns into one look out of the fear that they will clash and cause too much commotion in our outfits. Well, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t have any type of fear when trying to mix and match colors and prints. Instead, embrace it and take on the challenge letting these few tips guide your style.


Mix And Match Style


When styling colors and prints, there are a few tips to guide your choice of how to mix and match them. I have found that over the years, these tend to be my most stand-out outfits and I have so much fun creating them.

Tip #1 – Keep It To Three

When putting together an outfit where you are going to mix & match colors and prints, try to limit the different pieces that contain the colors and prints to 2-3. This avoids too much crowding and gives you the space in your outfit to separate the pieces while also bringing attention to each individual piece in each way. For example, in the outfit in this post, I decided to mix and match colors and prints in my shoes, skirt, and with my hat. These pieces are all in the outfit but separated from each other enough that they stand out without taking anything away from the other piece. (Pro Tip: If you happen to be mixing and matching a top and a bottom that sit right on top of each other, use a neutral belt to space the two pieces out.)

Tip #2 – Stay Within Colors That Compliment

Mixing and matching colors and patterns still require some semblance of unity as it applies to the colors chosen. You don’t need to stay within a hue of blue or even color palettes that you think are straight matches such as pink and purple going together. But, if you’re going to go with neon colors, stay within neon colors. Avoid doing a muted tone with a neon color because it’ll make the muted tone look dingy because the neon is so bright. If you want to go with a purple, green, yellow, and tan, then go for it – just try to keep it around the same vibrance and hue so that there is still some unity to the look.

One favorite aspect that I love about this outfit is that each piece has a feminine aspect to it that ties the entire look together. The Paloma skirt has floral lace overlaying at that waist and the blue striped block heels have a small tie with an oversized bow. Then bringing the oversized hat with a similar tone just ties the entire look together to create a mix and match outfit that is unified by the luxe feminine aesthetic.

Mix And Match Colors

Paloma Skirt
Revolve Paloma Skirt
Tularosa Paloma Skirt
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