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There are trends that are seasonal and then there are trends the stay around for the entire year. When I am building my wardrobe, I like to make sure that the majority of my outfits are trends that last throughout each and every season and transition well from month to month all year round. The blazer dress is a hot trend that you you see people styling for weddings, parties, and a trend that you even see many celebrities wearing on the red carpet. But it may be a trend that you’re quite now sure about because it’s a risqué trend similar to the corset top trend. One big aspect that I love about the blazer dress is that, if you choose the right piece, you can put together an oversized blazer outfit with just one piece.

The blazer dress doesn’t have to be a trend that you shy away from, and it doesn’t always have to be a dress that you wear in a sultry way. This dress is actually one that is pretty versatile and can be styled to be worn for different occasions, by different body types, and styled to fit your personal style. You can wait it tailored to your shape or you can wear an oversized blazer dress and style it with layers underneath or by itself.

So whether you’re wearing it to be a wedding guest or you need it for a cocktail hour or a after work party, I’m sharing some top styling tips on how to style the blazer dress to fit the occasion that you want to wear it for and have it flatter you in the way that the blazer dress is supposed to.

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    One of the main style tips for wearing a blazer dress is to belt it. Cinching anything at the waist provides an style illusion that makes you look taller. In many cases, you can find blazer dresses that already have a belt that comes with them, but in the case that you find a blazer dress without a belt, belt it either with a fabric belt or a standard belt. Try aiming to get the belt around your midline or right under your bust. This will help to keep the open breast area in place while also making it look as if you have longer legs – thus accentuating your legs which is one thing that the blazer dress trend is great for.
    The blazer dress has a variety of details in the variety of styles that the dress comes in. When shopping, you can find yourself shopping for a double breasted blazer dress, a sequin blazer dress, or maybe one that comes across as an oversized blazer but is tailored to be a dress. No matter the style, if you’re looking to wear the blazer dress during the colder months or just to cover up the neckline, layering becomes key. In the colder months, I like to layer the blazer dress with a mock neck or turtleneck top that covers the neck and breast area and also still makes the blazer dress the central piece. Then add in some statement jewelry such as a multi layer necklace and your neckline has now been layered to the point that the blazer dress looks like it’s a cold weather dress that is meant to be worn by you. During the warmer months, you can do the same layering but go for more open neck tops such as a v-neck that is not as deep as the neckline in the dress or a scoop neck top.
    When it comes to shoes with your blazer dress, there are a lot of ways to style it. This dress is actually one that can be worn both casually and dressy. But, for the most part, the best shoes for this dress are boots and pumps. I find that the longer the dress the “lesser” the shoe. So if you happen to have a blazer dress that is more of a midi dress, then I would go with pumps in a color that blends with your dress. But for the mini dress, boots or booties are a great way to go.
    Going along with shoes and belting, the blazer dress likes to make your legs looks good. So when it comes to styling, the higher the belting, which pushes up the waistline, the better. And then for your shoes, if you are wearing boots, try to keep them just above the knee. There are mid thigh boots that work well with blazer dresses but depending on your height, it may end up overlapping and looking as if the thigh high boot is actually your entire leg which then takes away from the entire look of the trend.
    Of course, if you’re not wanting to wear your blazer dress as a dress, style it as a blazer or jacket. The blazer dress is like an oversized blazer, but is more formfitting to make it be a dress. So it can easily be unbuttoned and worn as a long-line blazer or jacket. With the blazer dress and blazers being so versatile, it’s very easy to multipurpose your blazer as a dress or vice versa.
    The oversized blazer is a piece that you can find in many places. To create an oversized blazer outfit, find yourself a long-line oversized blazer and either put layers underneath it or wear it by itself. If you can’t find an oversized blazer, find a jacket that it similar to a blazer and style it like an oversized blazer dress to create your oversized blazer outfit.

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Shopping for blazer dresses any time throughout the year is actually a lot more simpler than you may think. I have quite a few blazers and blazer dresses in my closet because I was able to go to any of my favorite affordable fashion boutiques and find various styles of blazer dresses. Blazer dresses are easily shopped in all sizes from petite to plus size and can be found in various sleeve lengths. And if you’re looking to create your oversized blazer outfit, finding an oversized blazer is also very easy to find as well since it is very much in trend. So whether you’re shopping for a dress to wear as a party dress or you need a dress for an upcoming wedding, here are some stores I recommend shopping to find the blazer dress to add to your closet.

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