How to Style a Corset Top

How To Style A Corset Top Scaled

Each season, we see the changing of trends. Whether it is a trend that is now coming back or a new emerging trend that we see everyone trying out, many of us try to take the style and make it our own. One of the trends that first has me a little nervous, but now is a trend that I have began adopting is the corset top.

For years, the corset top was seen as a risqué top that was meant for lingerie-inspired outfits or made for going out for a night on the town. But the corset top trend has changed and become a trend that is fit for wearing both casually and dressy alike. And there are so many easy ways to style this top to fit any occasion.

Every month, I find new versions of the corset top in the various affordable stores that I love to shop. Whether it is a corset top that is laced up, has puff sleeves, or has an underwire bust, it’s a trend that I highly recommend everyone try out and work into their personal style.

As someone who has been building their ‘Every Girl style‘ to one that is a little bit more luxe so that it sits in between, the corset trend top is one that have adopted. If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether you feel the corset top is a trend for you, I’ve gathered up some top tips for how to style a corset top.

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The corset top is a trend that many people style in a variety of ways. In my opinion, styling the top is all about wearing it for the occasion, the weather, and making it fit to your personal style. It is a top that is typically thought to be revealing and sultry, but there are a variety of ways to wear the corset top in a more conservative and casual way and feel comfortable doing so. Here are some main tips that I have found helpful for styling the corset top in a variety of ways.

    One easy way to style a corset top is to purchase it as a set. There are a variety of two piece outfits that are amazing both together an apart. Even if you find the corset top as a single piece, search around for a matching bottom, pair of shoes, and accessories that are the exact same color as the corset or are in a coordinating color palette.
    There is an art to layering pieces – especially if you are wanting to transition a warm weather piece into the colder months. If you’re going for a more conservative look with the corset top, layering is your biggest friend. A great way to layer the corset top is to wear it over a blouse, turtleneck, or a maxi dress. Then pair the layered top look with a skirt or pants and create a modest look or one that allows you to wear your corset in the colder months.
    One thing that I love about corset tops is that you can find them in a variety of prints along with the variety of styles. Whether, you’re going for a satin lace up halter corset or a leopard print corset bustier, you’ll be able to make this trend fit any look that you’re wanting to create. I’ve seen corset tops in almost any color and print that you can imagine.
    Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you that corset tops are not comfortable. This trend not only comes in fabrics such as satin, but also comes in cottons, linens, and stretchy knits. Most of the more comfortable style of tops also come with some element of shaping around the busts or ribbing to give it the corset look, but still leave you super comfy.
    Just because your corset is form fitting, doesn’t mean that the rest of the outfit has to be. Play around with the sizing of the different pieces that you’re wearing with the outfit. With your form fitting top, wear oversized jeans and a oversized button up top to create a look that shows off your figure in an unexpected way.
    With this evolving trend, I have begun to see many corset top pieces that have been made to be more formal and ready for a workwear look. A corset-inspired blazer is one of the best pieces to wear for a boss babe look to wear without looking like it’s too over the top or not work appropriate.
    One of the corset trends that I have loves is how some corsets are now not just tops, but dresses as well. Instead of worrying as to how you’re going to pair bottoms with your top, instead just get it as one piece and only have to concern yourself with styling it with shoes and the accessories fit for the occasion.

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Different Styles OF THE CORSET TOP

With so many ways to wear a corset top, you’re probably thinking, well which style should I get. The best answer for this is to get a style that fits to your personal style because there are so many options and so many variations of those options. This hot trend, in my opinion, is on that can fit all body types. Whether you’re petite or plus size or whether you have smaller boobs or a larger bust, the trend is one that flatters each body type in different ways. To begin figuring out which option is great for you, I’m sharing some of the most popular different styles of the corset top.

  • Bustier Corset Top
    The bustier corset top is probably one of the more popular styles, but also can be one of the most confusing. A bustier top, like the other styles, isn’t classified only as a corset top, but many people assume that it’s one in the same. The benefits of this style is the way that is compliments your bust and pushes it up to create more cleavage. It’s easily layered and can be in combination with some of the other corset styles. For a more casual version of this style, I usually recommend going with one that is a scoop neck rather than a square or heart shaped neckline.
  • Strapless
    The strapless corset top is one that I highly recommend for layering and wearing by itself. I recently styled a strapless corset top in my tips for how to get invites to NYFW. The style is another one that flatters a variety of body types, because even for the petite frame, it makes you look like you have a larger cup size without making your bust look like it is getting lost in the top. And then for layering, it’s a top that easily goes over a blouse or long-sleeved button up for a more conservative but powerful look.
  • Halter
    The halter corset top is one that I always find has variant elements, but the one main aspect that is fabulous about it is the form fitting look with open back. When looking at the variety of styles of the halter corset top, one variant of the style is the one that also has a little underboob exposed. It turns up the sultry because more skin is exposed on the front and in the back.
  • With Sleeves
    A corset top with sleeves is a style that I adore. If you get ones that are puff sleeves, you’ll be able to create a cottagecore / Bridgerton look. If you want to aim for the Bridgerton look, I also recommend adding in floral print to your your sleeved top as that is more of the aesthetic that will shine through. If you’re going for a simpler, yet sultry look, I recommend going all black whether it’s a dress or a top paired with a skirt or pants – also creating a bold, monochromatic look. You can find this still in a off the shoulder sleeved look as well as on the shoulder corset and you can find everything from short sleeves to long sleeves so that you can wear this trend in various seasons instead of only in the summer.
  • Faux Leather
    Faux leather is a popular style for the corset top but many often stray away from the style because of the dominating look that it often portrays. It definitely gives off a powerful look, but I do think people should jump on it and instead of falling away from the style. This style pairs amazingly with jeans and looks great when layered over an oversized top or shirt dress to create both a dressy or casual look.
  • Underbust
    The underbust corset is also on that I think gives off an element of greatness. This style is one that you’ll see both with straps and strapless and is meant to be layered. It is focused on slimming the waist and pushing up the boobs. Whether you layer this over a shirt dress or over a blouse, you’re going to get an amazing look that you can play around with and make it you own. I am one that leans into the strapless underbust style, but the ones with the thinner straps also have a great element to them when worn with a blouse.
  • Crop Top
    I am a firm believer that crop tops are meant for all ages and with the cropped corset top style, I further believe that everyone should have at least one cropped top in their collection and why not make it this style. With so many high rise pants and skirts, the cropped style of this trend is one that can be styled in a variety of ways by a variety of personal styles. You’ll have a large collection of prints, colors, and variants when searching for crop tops within this popular trend because people have been buying the corset crop top to style with their looks.

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If you’re looking to accessorize your look, there are a variety of different ways to accessorize that I recommend. One way of accessorizing is to start with some hair accessories to pull your hair of your neckline and out of your face. When styling a corset top, you’ll want the focus to be on the top itself and how you’ve style it, so open up your neckline and pull back your hair. Scrunchies, clicks, and bobby pins are great ways to add some flair to the look while also pulling your hair off your neck. For purses, go for the smaller purse like a little black purse if you’re wanting the print and color of your corset to be the centerpiece of your look. Because this top trend is so bold, a smaller bag will allow for the top to stand out and not be overshadowed by your handbag. But you do opt for a larger handbag, try to keep it simple. Statement handbags are great if you want your handbag to be the center of the look, but if you’re going for the “Hot Girl Summer” look, keep the handbag small and simple.

Tips for Shopping FOR A CORSET TOP

When you plan to head into a store or some of the popular online boutiques, the first thing to consider is whether you’re going for more dressy or more casual. Typically, when I’m shopping for a new corset top to add to my collection and I want to go more dressy, I’ll start by shopping online at Revolve, and then when I want to go more casual, I start at Abercrombie as they have been adding lots of casual corset styles to their collection that I have been adoring.

As we all know, different stores carry different styles of clothing and have a different vibe which is why you start with stores that you usually shop because it matches your personal style. I guarantee that you’ll end up finding one of the styles in the store and, if you’re lucky, you may even have a coupon or discount from being a member or subscriber and get it on sale.

Another tip for shopping for the corset top is to also pay attention to the size guide. Even if I am going in store, I like to be aware of the size guide for the store or brand that I am shopping. The reason is that different stores go by different sizes and you don’t want to end up with a top that you can’t get into.

The corset top is one that is form fitting and if there is boning or tight ribbing, trying to force yourself to fit into the top won’t necessarily work. You’ll end up ripping or breaking the top which then leads it to loose its structure and the flattering elements that this top brings to your body. The size guide will come with measurements, so don’t always assume that just because you’re a medium at one store that you are at the store you are currently shopping. Find out your measurements and use the size guide to your advantage.

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