How to Style a Satin Dress This Winter

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I’ve said this time and time again, but just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to give up on wearing dresses. It just takes a special kind of styling to wear dresses during the winter. And as we think of the different dresses to style, one of the best trends that stick around during the winter season is the satin dress. It’s a trendy, chic dress that you can wear during the winter because it fits so well as a stylish winter holiday dress that you can style for a variety of occasions and you can make it a part of your winter capsule wardrobe.

With so many styles of satin dresses that hit the shelves throughout the winter season, it’s evident that the satin dress is one that you should be wearing in the winter. Whether you choose to go with a satin mini dress, satin midi dress, or satin maxi dress, you can use the styling tips below to create unique looks for the season that keep you looking chic warm and comfortable.

Below I’ve provided a number of ways that you can style a satin dress this season with picks of satin dresses to add to your wardrobe.

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The satin dress is a staple dress that you can style for a variety of different occasions. Recently, I went to a Philadelphia bridal boutique and the dresses that they focused on for bridesmaids dresses as well as wedding guest dresses. The satin dress is one that you’ll find not only in the formal dresses section, but in the sections where you’re looking for more casual wear. It all comes to down to how you want to style your dress and what occasion you’re looking to wear it for. Below, I’ve provided a number of different ways to style this dress trend to fit your personal style and for the occasions you are looking to wear it for.

WITH A Sweater

A great go-to way to style a satin dress during the winter season is to go with a sweater that you can layer over the top of your satin dress. Typically, you’ll want to layer your sweater over a strappy satin dress versus a long-sleeved satin dress due to the way that the sleeves of the dress may conflict with the sleeves of the sweater. This way of styling is a trendy way of styling a satin dress and it works with all lengths of a dress. I recommend a mock neck sweater, cowl neck sweater or even an off the shoulder sweater to make this look super dynamic and ultra stylish.

WITH A Faux Leather Jacket

The faux leather or vegan leather trend is a big trend that is sticking around and is not going anywhere. For creating a date night our going out style with a satin dress, I would recommend a faux leather moto jacket to pair with your satin dress. This day style combines multiple styles of style trends that are chic and effortless. When styling the complete look, you can either layer a shirt underneath the dress or go open up the neckline and let your skin show. With winter temperatures fluctuating, I would recommend a short sleeved top underneath your dress if you are going to wear a leather jacket over top. Also, pair your look with a variety of stacked jewelry including a stacked necklace to accentuate your neckline.

WITH A Cardigan

One piece that you definitely should have in your winter wardrobe is a cardigan, so make sure to take that cardigan and match it with your satin dress. I would aim for a longer length cardigan that flows with the length of your dress if you are wearing a midi or maxi satin dress. With a midi dress, the cardigan may end just at the hem of the dress to create a double layered look, but for a maxi dress, you may end up with the dress being longer than the cardigan which also creates a unique look. If you opt for a mini satin dress, look for a cropped cardigan that will align with the midpoint of the dress.


With some of the longer dresses match with a longer cardigan, consider belting it so that you can create a very sophisticated and formed look. By cinching the waist a little higher, you’re not only accentuating your waist but you are creating a style illusion that makes you look taller. By adding a belt, you’re also created a layered look that makes the dress like a bodycon dress even though it is laying effortlessly against your body.

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WITH A Long Sleeved Top

If you are wearing a strappy or short sleeve satin dress, you may want to consider styling your dress with a long-sleeved top that you layer underneath. Great tops to put underneath a dress of this style are lace tops and turtleneck tops. These types of tops go great with this style especially if you are wearing a satin cowl neck dress. By the neckline being a little more open, you’re able to create an elongated look by baring a little bit more covered chest area.

WITH A Cropped Sweatshirt

If you want to go for a more sporty look, try paring your dress with a cropped sweatshirt. You can go with a relaxed graphic sweatshirt or even a hoodie and create an athleisurewear look that is cute, comfortable, and effortless. Create this stylish look for the days out when you are heading to games, family gatherings, or brunches. One of my favorite ways to style a satin dress with a cropped sweatshirt is for some of the sports games we go to. I pair my LA Lakers cropped sweatshirt with my golden slip dress and a pair of sneakers and create a cute but sporty casual look for gameday.

WITH A Blazer

One of the most stylish and work friendly ways to style the satin dress is by pairing it with a blazer. The size and fit of your blazer should match the length of your dress and the look that you are going for. A great way to show contrast while also showcasing the fit is to put a long sleeved bodysuit under your satin dress and then belt it at the waist to create a form fitting look. Then style an oversized blazer over top of the dress and top combination to make the blazer look like a outerwear piece that is meant to be worn consistently with the dress combination. The form fitting look in contrast with the oversized blazer is a styled look that you’ll love.

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Whether you’re opting for a long sleeve dress or opting to use one of the style tips above to wear your satin dress this winter season, you can’t go wrong by having one of these dresses in your closet. Below I’ve rounded up a selection of options for you to add to your closet today with a variety of dresses in different colors, fits, and lengths. All you have to do is find the color that works for you, pick your size, and decided on your neckline, whether you want a high slit or not slit at all, and create the look that will have people turning their heads this season as you rock the tend.

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