How to Style an Oversized Flannel Shirt

How To Style An Oversized Flannel Scaled

A few years ago, people used to say that flannels were a style of the past. Even more, the oversized look was something that people strayed away from even more. Oversized looks were for the 90s and flannels were only for the Fall season if you were going pumpkin picking. But in recent years, fashion trends have shifted and the oversized flannel shirt has become a trend that people love wearing. Whether you’re going long sleeved for the Fall and Winter or whether you’re styling the oversized flannel look in some other way during the warmer months – such as with an oversized flannel shirt dress, flannel is back in and it looks like it is here to stay.

The great things about flannel is that is no longer simply comes in the standard plaid print, you’re able to find flannel tops in other prints to fit your personal style. Even more, if you do opt for the plaid flannel print, the stripes and patterns create an style illusion to make you look taller and slimmer – which is a main reason why I love it.

The oversized flannel is a style trend that I am adoring at the moment and is one that I love wearing all Fall and Winter long and then working into my style during the Spring. So with that in mind, I want to share with you some style tips on how to style an oversized flannel top.

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Tips For Styling An Oversized Flannel Top


With the oversized flannel top being such a cool weather staple, you’ll want to know a few ways to style this type of top so that you can wear it multiple times throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. I will say that when I first started styling thing long sleeved flannel shirt, I wasn’t too convinced of it’s versatility. To me it was just plaid shirts and thick material that wasn’t for any season besides the Fall and for only creating casual looks. I never thought that they would look good with dresses or any other shoes besides sneakers or a pair of boots. But over time, I realized that even with the smallest style changes that this top is actually a whole lot more versatile than one may think and that there is not reason to be hesitant about styling flannel shirts. These following styling tips will allow you to take any oversized flannel shirt and make it fit your personal style and change it up depending on the occasion that you’re wearing it for.

    Layering an oversized flannel top is probably the easiest and most dynamic way of styling it. With layering, you can layer other pieces over or under a flannel and make it look different each and every time. You can layer your oversized flannel top over a completed look or have your oversized flannel be the bottom layer and put a vested duster over it so that the flannel is still seen. Button it up so that a few buttons are open at the top and style a cute tank underneath.
    Style your oversized flannel top as a jacket or a blazer. For this type of styling, I like to go with crop tops and flared or loose pants. If you want to go even more bold, wear your flannel top with a pair of statement pants in a vibrant color that pairs well with your flannel top. And if you don’t want to go the pant option, wearing it as a blazer or jacket over a midi or maxi dress looks amazing as well, and then when you’re getting a little warm depending on where you are and if your dress is long-sleeved, you can tie your oversized flannel around your waist to create a trendy look.
    With many flannel tops having a plaid print, creating a monochromatic look makes you stand out more than you may think. Of course, not all flannels are plaid, but when I create a monochromatic look with my oversized flannel top, I like to wear the plaid print. For this way of styling, one of my favorite go-tos, is to style a black oversized flannel top, a black bralette, and faux leather leggings and wearing it with black sneakers or boots. It create a chic grunge look that is complimentary to many different body types. If you’re not one for wearing black, you can switch it up with a variety of colors depending on what type of bottoms you’re looking to style it with.
    Create your every girl look and wear your oversized flannel top with some denim jeans. Depending on the color of your oversized top, you can style it with a loose tee or bodysuit and distressed jeans. I like to go high-waisted with the jeans when wearing an oversized flannel to create a more dynamic look. With denim that hugs your curves, you’ll create a contrasting look that gives a relaxed feel because of the oversized top but also a look that accentuates your frame.
    With the oversized flannel being oversized, many of the ones you’ll find will actually go down to about mid-thigh or right above your knee – making it a perfect piece to also style as a dress. Since it is a looser top, I suggest wearing a bodycon dress underneath or biker shorts and then pairing the look with over-the-knee boots. Even add in a belt if you’re looking to add more accessories and cinch the waist. If you choose belt, place it right below your chest so that you can elongate your legs and make you look taller.
    Leggings are a great go-to when styling an oversized flannel shirt. The flannel shirt is one that is made to be a central piece of an outfit even though you can layer over it and even use it as a belt. But if you’re going for a super comfortable, relaxed look, just grab yourself a pair of your favorite leggings, throw on a tank, and put on your oversized flannel shirt. To add a few more things for a cute Fall look, get some boots with long socks underneath and add a beanie. Now, you’re ready for apple picking at a local orchard or even heading to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins.
    One way that I have really been loving the oversized flannel top is wearing the top in a sporty look. Pair your flannel shirt with a coordinated sport set and with either sneakers or boots. In the colder months, I like to wear high waisted leggings with a coordinating crop top or sports bra and then either wear the oversized top fully open or with some of it buttoned up. And then in the Spring, you can switch it up and wear your flannel with a coordinating bike short set that will allow you to wear the top somewhat like a sweatshirt or jacket – buttoned or unbuttoned.

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Styling Oversized Shirt
  • Styling Oversized Shirt Scaled
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  • Style An Oversized Flannel Scaled


When shopping for an oversized flannel top, I’ve seen many people who just head into the men’s section to find one that is big enough to be considered oversized. But I am going to tell you, that’s not always what you have to do. The oversized flannel shirt has been a big trend in women’s fashion and it’s easier to find one in the women’s section than you think.

When shopping for your flannel top, start by looking at your favorite online boutiques. It’s a lot easier to find a top online and shop for it than it is to find in-store – mostly because many stores don’t realize how popular the look is and don’t keep a lot of inventory and the tops go super fast. Even more, shop for an oversized top online at the stores you usually shop at in person. Most stores now have the ability to show you whether product is available in that store’s location so that you can go in-store to try it on and purchase or for curbside pickup or go the route of finding it online and getting it delivered to the store for free.

Also, when shopping for your oversized flannel top, try to get ones in a variety of colors to wear throughout the different seasons. Most often, we like to gravitate towards the darker flannel prints, but there is nothing wrong with getting some vibrant colors in plaid prints or other prints that your oversized top may come in. One of my favorite oversized plaid tops is actually in a bright pink and pastel plaid print that I layer in the colder months and then use in a sporty look during the Fall and Spring seasons.

Some of my favorite places to shop for an oversized flannel shirt are Revolve, Madewell, ASOS, boohoo, and Amazon. There are so many options in a variety of sizes and for a great price, and if you keep your eye out on some of these stores, they are often having a great sales so that you can get your flannel shirt at a great price and wear it for multiple seasons.

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