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Overalls are a trend that have come back in the past few years, but many people think that overalls are for the younger ones and that adults aren’t meant to be wearing overalls. I’m here to tell you that overalls are a trend that can be worn by all, and while we are in the warmer months, breaking out those overall shorts may be something you want to do while enjoying the outdoors and keeping comfortable.

Overall shorts are a very comfortable piece of clothing and I love when I’m able to break them out after I transition my closet for the warmer months. It’s a comfortable piece of clothing that you can style in various ways – it just requires a little flexibility and knowing what is right for you.

In this post, I’m going to break down the overall shorts trend and share with you how to style overall shorts.

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If you’re asking yourself whether you can wear overall shorts, the answer is yes. Though you may see the overalls online or in-store and think to yourself that this was a style that you wore when you were younger and you’ve outgrown it, don’t knock the idea of styling the overalls altogether. Overalls have become a trend that has come back just like many of the 90s trends have returned and been changed slightly to make it fit today’s fashion styles. You can wear overall shorts in the early spring and throughout the warmer months and make it a look that fits your personal style and the occasion that you are wearing it for.


When styling overall shorts, it’s all about either changing up the top or finding a different style of the overall shorts to make your outfit fit your style and your comfort. I’m listing out some trending tops and overall shorts styles that are perfect for all ages.

    Create a little grunge in your look and pick up a pair of overall shorts that are distressed on the shorts or all over the overalls themselves. Just like you get distressed jeans or distressed shorts, get a pair of distressed overall shorts.
    As it gets warmer, take the crop top trend and blend it with this overall trend and wear a crop top under your overalls. It creates a relaxed, hip look that is fit for all ages.
    Grab a pair of overall shorts where the edges at the end of the shorts are frayed. The look is super cute and it creates a very relaxed styled.
    Go sleeveless with your top and have the edges of your top align with the straps of the overalls. There are so may types of sleeveless tops so change it up through the neck line and try a scooped neck, mock neck or deep V. I personally love the sleeveless tops that are mock neck to go with my overall shorts.
    Grab yourself a plain white tee and a pair of sneakers and create a relaxed look that is perfect for running errands, going to the park, traveling, or just doing anything day to day. This is a style that fits everyone.
    When you’re looking to lessen the layers, go for a halter or strapless top. Bandeau tops are super cute to style with overall shorts especially if you are styling this look for a beachy occasion.
    Grab a pair of oversized overall shorts and a oversized top and pair them together to fit into the oversized trend. You’ll not only feel comfortable, but depending on the type of overall shorts you pick out and the top, you can create a very chic look.
    For early Spring or even early Fall when it is chill outside, layer a flannel over your top and have the flannel be either underneath the overalls tucked in or layered on top. And then as the day gets warmer, take off the flannel and use it as an accessory by tying it around your waist.
    Go for a monochromatic look by wearing a top that matched the color of your overalls. Overalls come in a variety of colors other than blue denim, so whichever color of overalls you snag, pair it with a top and shoes of the same color to create a bold look.
    Don’t be afraid to layer the overall shorts by putting a jacket or cardigan over top. I especially love styling dusters over my overall shorts look on the cooler days because of the contrast of the long duster and the shorts.
    Get even more comfy and style a sports bra underneath your overalls. For those who love the Calvin Klein look, grab yourself one of those sports bras and create a trendy look by wearing it as your top underneath your overalls.
    Create a sultry look with a lace bodysuit and to show it off a little more, drop one strop and let people see that lacy top. Add a few layers of necklaces and you have a dressier look with your overall shorts.
    Off the shoulder tops are also great to wear with your overall shorts. It’ creates multiple straps seen around your shoulders and frames your body very well.
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