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Sequins are a huge holiday trend. When the holiday hits and stores begin putting out pieces for people to shop for the holiday season, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll see sequins everywhere. Each season, I love perusing through the sequin dresses, tops, and pants to put together outfits that are shiny and bright and embody all that is the holiday season. 

Now I will admit, that once upon a time, not only was a reluctant to buy anything with sequins, but I also thought that sequins where limited to being worn on New Year’s Eve and I could not figure out why stores were putting them out so early. But over the years, I learned different and have learned to embrace the sequin trend. If you were to head into my closet, you would find quite a few sequin dresses and tops, but until this year, you won’t find any sequin pants. 

Though I had embraced the sequin trend, sequin pants just didn’t seem to be hitting the mark for me. I found so many other simple holiday and NYE looks that I preferred over sequin pants. One thing is that I someone who prefers dresses than putting together a top and pants to create an outfit. Second, in my mind, these style of pants were probably going to be uncomfortable and hard to wear, but I ended up being completely wrong. 

Sequin pants are a big holiday trend, and after trying a few pair on and now adding them to my closet, I have to admit that I now understand and full embrace the trend. So as you are eyeing up a stunning pair of sequin pants, I want to share with you some tips on how to style sequin pants this holiday season. 

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Sequin pants can be shopped in many stores during the holiday season like Lulu’s, Express, and Red Dress Boutique. Since the trend has gotten so much bigger over these past few years, brands are starting to put more pants on the shelves in various fits such as wide leg, jogger, and skinny so that people can style the pants in various ways. As someone who is petite but loves wearing pants, I am always looking for different fits that will allow me to look taller when wearing the pants and not have them drag on the ground. I am even more excited that a lot of the pant styles are becoming for flattering to women’s curves. I mean, it’s about time right?

    The fit of the pair of sequin pants is going to connect with the occasion and style that you are going for. If you end up buy sequin joggers, you’ll want to put together a look that is more relaxed while if you get a wide leg pair or skinny pair, you can create more of a formal look for the holiday season.
    You may be able to find a lot of pants are being sold as a coordinated set, so why not buy the sequin top too. Even if the sequin pants do not come as a two-piece set, put in a neutral shirt and pair the outfit with a sequin blazer. The look will stun and create a bold look that is guaranteed to stand out.
    Having an entire embellished look can go two ways. You can either create a very immaculate sparkly look that works well, or it could be a busy disaster that will create so much contrast that it just classes. So if you’re unsure of what top to pair with sequin pants, the easiest way to go is to get a neutral top that isn’t too busy. A mock neck or turtleneck white, gray, or black top works perfectly with sequin pants. And with most sequin pants being black, gold, or red during the holiday season, having a white top to pair with the look is something you can’t go wrong with.
    The holiday season brings out a lot of different textures with some of the trending outfits intertwining different fabrics with various embellishments. So try out wearing tops that include lace or velvet to go with your pants. Having the different fabrics will create a look that is contrasting but complimentary.

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