How to Style Tie Ankle Pants

Tie Ankle Pant

Tie Ankle Pant

We all know that the “tie trend” has become a big one. So much that I even shared tips previously on how to style the tie sleeve trend because any piece where you can cinch with a tie has become something that I absolutely love and have been seeing everywhere. And to continue on with tips for the trend, I’m sharing some tips on how to style the tie-ankle trend along with some great picks that you can shop now and can wear all year round.



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Like tie wrist tops, this style of pants has a lot of benefits for a variety of body types but especially for petites. If you’re petite and looking for another trend to add to your wardrobe that can make you look taller then this is the trend that you want to jump on.

The tie ankle pant is a style of pant that helps to create an illusion of elongating the leg. And within this trend, the variety of styles also help with looking taller. The long pants in the trend are usually high-waisted which makes the torso and leg area somewhat blend together making petites look taller overall. Then with the other half of the style, you may get pants in this trend that are somewhat cropped – another type of pants that whether it’s tie ankle or not, makes you look taller either way.


There are a couple of important tips when it comes to styling tie ankle pants. The first tip, which matches with the tie wrist trend, is not to try to do a fancy, tight tie when you are cinching at the ankle. The tie is meant to be loose and not “put together” so that it elevates the pant and blurs the line of where your ankle is.

The second tip is to style the pants with a bodysuit or a tucked-in top. This style of pants are meant to stand out and be slimming no matter the style that you’re getting them in. With a top that is hanging over or covers the waistband, you’re possibly taking away the benefits of the tie ankle pant which helps to accentuate your curves and elongate your legs.



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