How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall

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I know it is still hot and muggy out there, and no one wants to start thinking about the possibility of a blizzard winter. But let’s not forget about the Fall. And honestly, transitioning your wardrobe doesn’t meant that you are about to start pulling out all of those sweaters while trading in your vibrant colors for dull tones. You can transition and still stick with your bright colors that are in your color palette all year-long. Low tone colors in the Fall is no a rule – it’s a fashion myth.


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We all know that the Fall is coming, and everyone around us is getting ready for it. Coffee shops are starting to sell spiced pumpkin lattes, stores have put all of the short sleeves on sale and all full-priced items are long sleeves and jackets, and we are back to school and getting ready for football season. It’s inevitable. Fall is coming.

So as we are getting ready for it, I want to share with you how to transition your wardrobe. To start, these tips can also be used on transitioning your wardrobe for other seasons as well, especially from Winter to Spring. Some things just need to be done in reverse.

1. Start with a jacket that you know you will wear multiple times throughout the season. I am a big advocate for making sure that you have a denim jacket within your wardrobe. Denim jackets allow you to wear your favorite short-sleeved pieces as it gets colder and, with the right jacket, you can wear it both to work and out with friends. If you’re not interested in a denim jacket, invest in a moto or military jacket. They are found in so many places – my suggestion is to head to Nordstrom or ASOS.

2. Don’t give up on your dresses. My dresses stay in my closet all year round. Just because it gets colder doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dresses. It just means that this is the perfect time for layering. If you have a shorter skirt on your dress, wear tights or leggings. There are so many different colors and prints of tights and leggings that you’ll have so much fun creating different looks. And then with those maxi or midi dresses, just wear them. They’ll give you enough cover to keep warm if you are one to get easily cold like me.

3. Your accessories will naturally transition too. With the transitioned looks, you’ll end up swapping out your summer totes for your favorite taupe or brown/tan bucket bag or satchel and it will naturally go with everything that you are wearing. It is a quick switch from those summer totes that you’ve been carrying around to each and every vacation. Plus, you might be carrying some left over sand around in those bags, so it’s time to give them a good cleanup.

4. Bring the booties back. I adore booties! Which is maybe another reason as to why I love the colder season. As it gets cooler, you can begin swapping our your sandals for open-toe booties and then as it gets cooler than that, then start closing those toes up. You can even start off the season with sandals such as these espadrilles that I am still wearing as we move into the transitioned season.

5. Colors are still in. Like I had said, toned down colors as a rule for the colder season is a fashion myth. Wear whatever colors best suit you all season around and don’t shy away


from them in the store. Use your layering techniques and bring out the colors and looks that you have from the spring/summer season and have it present in the fall/winter.

6. Revisit vintage styles. The fashion world may often invent new styles, but it also brings back styles that once existed. My favorite style that is on its way back are the overalls. It started with jumpers being a thing and now it’s okay to bring back those overalls and sport them around town. The outfit in this post features a pair of overalls in my favorite olive tone. This outfit bring the vintage vibe and is a perfect transition outfit.

Give yourself some grace when you are ready to transition your wardrobe. There are so many ways to go about it and sometimes you need to start with the simple and easy ways to transition your wardrobe.

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