Hygge Gifts for the Holiday Season

Hygge Gifts

Winter is the season for all things hygge: cozy, comfortable, warm, and safe. There’s nothing better in the cold months than a night at home, and as you’re shopping for the holiday season, I’m so excited to show you the perfect hygge gifts for the homebody in your life. From blankets to candles and beyond, your friends and family will love these cozy gift ideas.

If you’re struggling to come up with great gift ideas this season, it’s hard to go wrong with a cozy hygge gift. Everyone loves having an opportunity to relax and unwind, and a sweet hygge gift is the perfect way to show the ones you love some extra care over the holidays. If you’re looking for the best hygge gift ideas, keep reading – I’ve got you covered with so many tips and tricks!


Winter is the perfect season to begin embracing all things hygge. The dark and dreary days make us all want to burrow in and enjoy some cozy time at home, and practicing hygge makes those cold seasons feel warm and comforting. As I’ve learned more about hygge and all that it involves, I’ve loved finding the perfect hygge gifts for friends and family to make their winter season bright.

As you work to finish up your Christmas shopping, I would definitely encourage you to shop for some special hygge gifts for the ones you love. The great thing about hygge gifts is that they’re pretty universally beloved, because after all – we all need items that spark more joy and coziness in our lives. That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate hygge gift guide for you to make your shopping this season easy and enjoyable.



Before we dive into finding the perfect hygge gifts, we first have to get on the same page – what exactly is hygge, anyway?

The concept of “hygge” is one that initially came from the Danish people. Defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” a life of hygge is one that prioritizes rest, relaxation, and comfort. Hygge encourages people to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and give themselves permission to take a step back from the rush. Practicing hygge means taking things slowly – enjoying a good meal, taking the time to unwind, and enjoying the comforts and simple joys of life. I don’t know about you, but hygge sounds pretty luxurious to me.



Looking for the perfect gift for someone looking to more fully embrace a life of hygge (or maybe that friend that you know really needs to take a chill pill)? Give them the perfect intro to the concept and practice of hygge with The Little Book of Hygge. In this book, you learn about the heart behind hygge, and why the Danish people (known for hygge!) are the happiest in the world. We could all use a little more joy in our lives – and I love that this book gives you the action steps to get started.


Nothing is more quintessentially hygge than curling up with a cozy blanket. This beautiful chunky knit throw blanket makes for the perfect cozy gift for the holiday season. Choose from an array of colors, from fun to neutral, so you can pick the perfect blanket for your gift recipient’s home. Warm, thick, and relaxing, I can’t get enough of this stylish and comforting blanket.


If you’re looking for a great hygge stocking stuffer, be sure to check out these fabulous body restore aromatherapy bath bombs. We all carry too much tension, and these bath bombs will help you unwind after a long day of dealing with all of the stresses of life. Choose from a variety of luscious scents, from lavender to grapefruit to chamomile to coffee and beyond.


It’s time to get warm! Winter can be bitterly cold, and we all need lots of warm layers to keep us cozy through the freezing months of the year. A great pair of wool socks will always do the trick, and I love the Scandinavian print of these socks – very Danish, and very hygge.


Hygge is all about spending quality time with the humans you love. I love The Hygge Game because it does an incredible job of fostering great conversation and allowing people to really get to know each other beyond the surface level. It’s the perfect addition to your next dinner party, or just a great way to get to know your spouse or family members a little better. If you’ve been falling into the habit of crashing on the couch with a show and aimlessly scrolling on your phones after dinner until you fall asleep, The Hygge Game will help you spend more intentional time together – and there’s nothing more priceless than that.


One of my favorite ways of practicing hygge in my everyday life is relying less on harsh overhead lights and instead filling my home with candles. Anthropologie’s volcano candles smell so good, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere that I love.


This throw blanket has my whole heart! I’m obsessed with the great texture, and love that it comes in so many breathtaking colors. Often when I’m shopping for a product, I automatically gravitate towards one or two colors, but I find myself falling in love with nearly every color of this blanket! It’s so simple yet super stylish, and I love that it adds a touch of home to any space. It would look great draped over a bed or couch!


Does anyone else struggle with dry skin during the wintertime? Between the harsh, cold weather, the lack of humidity, and washing my hands more often due to flu season, my skin quickly can become chapped and dry, which I never enjoy. That’s why I love this hydrating lotion pack! With a range of delicious scents, it will hydrate your skin in no time and keep you feeling soft and smooth all winter long. It’s the perfect self-care holiday gift that your loved one will be sure to enjoy.


Hygge is about more than just bath bombs and cozy blankets – it’s also about creating a life for yourself that’s sustainable and low stress. One of my favorite ways to do this is to meal prep. When I meal prep at the beginning of the week, I don’t have to spend time at the last minute stressing about what I’m going to get on the table. These food storage containers are the perfect tool for all of my meal prep needs, whether I’m making meals ahead of time or storing chopped up veggies to use for snacks and ingredients throughout the week. It makes life so much easier and less stressful – very hygge, indeed.


Working a puzzle is one of my favorite ways to spend a cozy winter evening. You can turn on a movie, enjoy a warm snack or cup of cocoa, and unwind with a great jigsaw puzzle. Bridgerton fans will love this bright and colorful puzzle – can you spot all of your favorite characters?


Tea is the perfect cozy hygge beverage – it’s warm, comforting, and as an added bonus, it’s good for you, too! This Teabloom tea set is the perfect set to get you started in filling your life with tea, or to help your tea-loving friend up their game. (Looking to learn more about flower tea? Click here for everything you need to know!)


Looking for peak coziness? I have two words for you: sherpa sweatshirt. You read that right. I couldn’t be more obsessed with this cozy oversized sherpa sweatshirt. It is SO soft, and lined with warm sherpa that you will never want to take off. Trust me – once you put this sherpa sweatshirt on, you’ll never want to wear anything else! Plus, it’s machine washable for easy care – the perfect cozy gifts for your friend who needs a little extra warmth in their life.


Few things are proven to have as big of an impact on our overall happiness and mental wellness as practicing gratitude regularly. That’s why this gratitude journal is the perfect tool to get started. We all have so much in our daily life to be grateful for, big and small, but oftentimes we need a little bit of reminding. Throughout the stress of the holidays, a gratitude journal will help you or a friend recenter and reset to take on all that life throws your way. I love that this gratitude journal only takes five minutes a day, because hey – we all have five minutes. And for something as important as gratitude, five minutes certainly isn’t too much to ask. This journal works great if you’re still looking for holiday gifts for family and friends, and can easily be thrown into a care package or gift basket.


Favorite Hygge Gifts For The Holiday Season
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