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Book a blog or influencer coaching call and get personalized one-on-one guidance and support for your blog or influencer business.

What can you expect from an Coaching Call?

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Building a successful business can be daunting. And there are moments that you may have when you feel like you need a little extra help. Whether you need help building your brand, navigating finances, understanding legal, pitching and negotiating partnerships, or anything else that comes with growing an influencer business, these influencer coaching sessions will provide you not only with support but with personalized, actionable steps to move forward in your business.
  • The blogger or influencer coaching session is personalized to your needs, struggles, and pain points. We will discuss the specifics that you need assistance with and work together to remove any roadblocks.
  • Together we will create a roadmap with actionable steps to move you forward in your blog or influencer business
  • At the end of the session, you’ll leave with a clear plan of action, tools necessary to move yourself forward, and helpful resources that will allow you to focus your efforts specifically on where you’ll get the most results

I’ve always had a passion for being a mentor. I used to be a public school teacher.

Being able to see the progress and growth of my students and mentees, like you, has me jumping for joy at each milestone that is not only reached but surpasses. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, I’m here to help you start on the journey towards building your empire.

Hey! I’m Iesha

I’m the CEO of my influencer business - LivingLesh.

I’ve had many successes and failures over the years, and I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge through my journey that I would love to share with you to help you solve your business struggles and pain points.

  • Your biggest questions answered! Come to the call with your questions or even send them ahead of time and I’ll share with you deep insight to give you valuable answers to those questions derived from my experience in growing a successful six-figure income business with multiple income streams and a growing team.
  • The call will be unique to you! Each call is personalized to discuss the roadblocks that you need help removing from your path to success.
  • You’ll leave the call with a clear plan of action on what are the next steps that you should take, what tools and resources you need to move forward, and where you should spend your time and effort to get the results you need!
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1:1 Coaching Options

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General Influencer Biz

Need a little help in multiple areas of your blog or influencer business? You'll have the opportunity to ask questions about various aspects of the influencer business and receive advice on how to eliminate any roadblocks keeping you from building the successful business that you want.

Influencer & Blogger Finances

If you're looking for assistance on financials as it applies you your business, I'll provide coaching on how to organize you business financials via setting everything up through a personal 1-on-1 experience using Wave Apps. I'll also work with you to discuss your financial goals, how to reach them, and help you establish a budget.

Brand Partnership Pitching

Looking to begin working with some of your favorite brands, but need some help on perfecting your pitch and strategies on negotiating your rates. Schedule time to discuss your pitching strategy, workshop pitch templates, and get insight on securing a brand deals.

Brand Building

Are you in need of some assistance establishing your niche, building out your brand, and determining what platforms you should be focusing on to grow your community? This coaching session will provide you the space to lay out your thoughts and get guidance on narrowing down your brand identity, ideal customer, and provide a roadmap towards advancing your brand.

Streams of Revenue

I'll help you to identify and grow other streams of revenue in your blog or influencer business. Maybe, you have an idea for an eBook, you have printables that you would like to sell, you want to sell stock photos or expand as a photographer for influencers. I'll work with you to pinpoint a stream of revenue to pursue, make a plan for launch, and help you to connect that to your overall brand.

A 1:1 Coaching Session is Perfect for You If:


As you go through the checkout process, you’ll be given the opportunity via Calendly to schedule the session. After scheduling, you receive confirmation and further information from me.
After you have scheduled, you receive an email from me with questions and steps to take to prepare for the call. Depending on the coaching session you choose, you may be required to send a few aspects ahead of time for review to discuss on the call.
The call will be via a video call on Zoom.
After the call, I’ll send a follow-up email with all of the points we discussed along with links to any resources applicable to your specific plan. If you have any follow-up questions, you can respond to our email thread with questions that relate to the topic we discussed.
With the in-person nature and direct delivery of these calls, I do not offer refunds.

Still have questions you want to ask before you book? Email me directly at

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