The 21 Most Instagrammable Places in Boston (2022 Guide with Map)

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Rouvalis Flowers

There are so many great places to visit around this world, and when you travel, you’re wanting to capture those Instagrammable shots. Well, on our recent trip to Boston, we discovered that there are plenty of Instagrammable spots in Boston that you’ll want to capture, but it all comes down to if you have enough time.

On our family trip to Boston, we found such rich history and wished we had the time to see it all. But I was able to stop at a few places and capture some amazing shots that I am really excited to share with you all.

Before arriving in Boston, I made a list of all of the places that I wanted to visit, and with the itinerary we had, I actually discovered places that I didn’t think to add to my list of Instagrammable places in Boston previously.

So let’s just say that list went out the window a little bit, but even though I didn’t get to visit all of the places, I kept them as note to provide you with this extensive guide that you can use to tour around Boston and grab your shot. I’ve also included a map to give you easy ability to navigate to all of the places. Pro Tip: Use the Boston Trolly to get around Boston and reach all of these places for a small fee.


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1. Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library was the first free municipal library in America with the original building actually being a school house. Today, you can walk into the Boston Public Library and find yourself in the “old library” or the “new library” depending on where you enter. Bates Hall is easily accessed on the top floor after you’ve climbed the grand, beautiful staircase. But keep note that Babes Hall is a reading room where you’ll find many students studying.

Boston Instagram Spots
Boston Public Library
2. Rouvalis Flowers

Beacon Hill is filled with such amazing areas to take photos including the famous Rouvalis Flowers. It’s a beautiful and iconic flower shop and because the florals being sold are seasonal each time you visit, you’ll have a new display to take photos in front of. Looking at some of the other Instagram photos of others who visited Boston and took photos at Rouvalis, it looks like we all visited different locations because each time there have been different arrangements.

3. Acorn Street

Located in Beacon Hill, you’ll find Acorn Street. It is one of the most photographed streets in Boston and is one of the few streets left in Boston that is still made of cobblestone. There are so many unique shots that you can take on this street as you find yourself walking up and down it. It’s so quaint and adorable, and it’s a must stop place in Boston.

Acorn Street Boston
4. Louisburg Square

Louisburg Square is another must visit place in Beacon Hill. This residential area sits right near Acorn Street and is less than a two minute walk. It has amazing brownstones that is surrounded by scenic greenery with some of the brownstones being covered with with beautiful ivy and florals. The roads in front of the brownstones are cobblestone so not only are the photos beautiful in front of the houses, but they are great while standing on the street.

Louisburg Square Living In Boston
5. Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden is a place where you’ll end up in no matter how much you try to walk away from it, but it’s a gorgeous place for not only visiting to take photos, but to relax and enjoy the activities in the area. In the center of the park, you can take a little ride on the swans that take you around the man-made pond during the warmer months. You can also take photos with the beautiful bridge, around the beautiful florals, near the duckling statues, or almost in any corner of the park.

Boston Public Garden
6. Mary Baker Eddy Library

The Mary Baker Eddy Library is another location to visit because of it’s scenic outdoors such as visiting the Christian Science Fountain Plaza, and the beauty of the architecture that you’ll find indoors. At the library, you’ll be able to go and experience the mapparium – which is a stained glass globe that you are able to walk into and listen to a little show. Inside the mapparium, you are not able to take photos or video, but there is a “selfie wall” set up outside that you can take photos. The show is one that you have to experience and it is quite beautiful. But also, don’t limit yourself to just that selfie wall and the mapparium, make sure to look around the entire library and marvel at its beauty.

7. Seaport District

If you’re staying in the Seaport District, I recommend walking around the area during one of the days and not only get a lay of the land and visit some of the great places to eat and grab some drinks, but also to find some of the back roads and picturesque areas to take some amazing shots. You’ll find an array of backdrops such as brick buildings, the water way, scenic building backgrounds, and so much more.

Boston City Tours Boston Ma
8. Harborwalk

Along the waterfront, you can walk the Boston Harborwalk. This 43-mine linear park alongside the shoreline is found on both sides of the river and connects you to museums, parks, beaches, hotels, stores and restaurants. Depending on which side you are on, you can get a different type of shot. If you’re on the side near the Intercontinental Hotel, you’ll get a backdrop of the Seaport District and if you’re on the side near the Boston Children’s Museum, you’ll get a backdrop of downtown area.

Things To Do In Boston This Weekend
9. Union Park

Brownstones are found almost everywhere in Boston, and if you head to Boston’s South End neighborhood, you’ll find Union Park and the rows of brownstones that line the area.

10. State Street Provisions

If you’re over near the New England Aquarium, stop over at State Street Provisions to not only grab a bit to eat and a great cocktail, but to take some photos in this quaint restaurants with a modern aesthetic. The restaurants has amazing lighting and the seating is just what you need to take a photo with a cocktail in hand.

11. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

A popular place to visit in Boston to take pictures is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The museum itself features entire art collection of Isabella Stewart Gardner and wraps around a central atrium. When Isabella, herself, lived in the home, she resided on the fourth floor and arranged her collection of sculptures, books, painting, and other pieces of art on the floors below her. Many people visit the museum to tour and view the amazing collection and to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the atrium. This museum is not free to the public, so make sure to check the website for ticket prices.

12. Marshall Street

Marshall Street is another location in Boston that has cobblestone roads. Here, you can find Boston’s oldest restaurant, the Union Oyster House, and the oldest bar in the United States, the Bell In Hand Tavern. With the old pubs and unique architecture, you can truly see the British influence which is every-so-present in the history of Boston. There is also a moral in the area alongside one of the buildings that announces that, yes, you are in Boston.

13. Brattle Book Shop

The Brattle Book Shop is known as “One of American’s Oldest and Largest Antiquarian Book Shops”. The bookshop itself has an indoor and outdoor area with the outdoor portion of the book shop being the location where many enjoy taking pictures outside. The outdoor section, located in the alley next door, is filled with discount books – making it a great place to visit at the end of your trip to grab a book to enjoy while you travel home.

14. Tatte Bakery

If you’re kicking off your day of places to take photos at the most Instagrammable places in Boston, start at the Tatte Bakery & Cafe. You can grab yourself a delicious breakfast including a fresh cup of coffee to kick of your day and enjoy the aesthetic. Keep note that there are multiple locations in the Boston area. On the map, I’ve included a location that is close to some of the other spots in this guide, but, if there is one closer to you for your early morning breakfast, aim to go to the closest so you can get there early before the location fills up.

15. Citrus & Salt

We all love restaurants that are super Instagrammable because you can snap a great photo while also being able to sit down and grab a meal and some cocktails. Citrus & Salt is one of those hot spots that you should visit while in Boston. Not only is the pink coastal aesthic a great backdrop for photos, but the cocktails are also ones that you’ll want to snap a picture of. The location is very popular and can get really busy, so if you’re planning on putting this on your itinerary, make sure to make a reservation. Additionally, when you feel that it’s time for a bathroom break, bring your phone with you to snap photos with the cute mirror and wallpaper.

16. Fenway Park

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll definitely want to make your way over to Fenway Park. Fenway park is the United State’s oldest baseball stadium and depending on when you are visiting, you may be able to score some tickets.

17. Terra at Eataly

Add Eataly to your Boston itinerary and head up to the third floor. there, you’ll find a hanging plants and wooden decor that would challenge any outdoor eating area. The aesthetic rivals a greenhouse and the skylight ceilings allow you to bask in the sunlight without having to sit out and feel the heat or suffer the cold depending on when you go.

18. Harvard Square

Boston is an area filled with many college students because of the colleges and universities in the area. Harvard Square, which is located right by Harvard, is an iconic place to visit as well as walking around Harvard’s campus. Though Harvard Square is located in Cambridge, it is not a far trek to get from Boston to Cambridge and back again. If you have time, also make sure to visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History and see what exhibits are being hosted. You may be find yourself being able to experience a unique exhibit that is more Instagrammable than the outside.

Harvard Museum Cambriage To Boston
19. Dewey Square

Boston has some great murals around the city, but if you’re looking for one that may not not been seen by the person who visited last year or even last season, head over to Dewey Square Park and check out the rotating mural installation. The mural is located at the end of Rose Kennedy Greenway park and is the perfect backdrop for some amazing Instagram photos.

20. Lookout Rooftop

In the evening after you’re winding down, but you still want some Instagrammable shots of Boston, head over to Lookout Rooftop to enjoy amazing views of the Boston skyline and some great drinks.

21. Boston Athenaeum

The Boston Athenaeum is the oldest library in Boston and is one of the hidden gems of the city – especially when it comes to Instagrammable places in Boston. In this private library, you’ll find book shelves and an aesthetic that rivals the fictional one you see in Beauty and the Beast (well, not as large, but you get what I’m saying). This library is not free to enter like the Boston Public Library, and you’ll pay around $10 to access, and make sure to check out the website to see whether it is best to take the tour to see the majority of the library or if you can get into the areas that you would like without having to take one.

22. Worchester Street

Worchester Street is one of the most Instagrammable places in Boston to take photos near gorgeous houses. On the map I’ve included, it links to a public garden in the area, but if you’re looking to take photos outside the house, map yourself to 140 Worchester Street and make sure to be respectful of the residents.

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