June Amazon Finds


It is summer and it is super hot and that is because it is June. As the seasons change, the finds on Amazon change as well and I have been shopping more on Amazon each and every week. Even as I watch my favorite bloggers do their try on sessions with their Amazon finds, I get more and more inspired to find ones of my own. For those who don’t know, the more you shop on Amazon the better. As I have began searching through Amazon for fashion pieces, my recommended product section has gotten a whole lot better. It is almost to the point where I don’t have to do much more searching to find these monthly Amazon picks. They are just there already.

June’s Amazon finds is all about summer pieces that will keep you fashionable and comfortable for any event or occasion. My favorite pieces from this find are the pink and purple toned maxi dress and the blue satin top. Both are loose and are the exact fabrics that are fit for the summer. I am also loving the different swimsuits that are found on Amazon. Some people are a little skeptical about buying swimsuits from Amazon, but I am here to tell you that I haven’t found a bad one yet. I’ve linked some of those in the shop more section below.

I am super excited about these finds, and also make sure to check out my hauls on Youtube channel as well as my try-on stories for Amazon and my other favorite stores on my Instagram page. There are so many fabulous pieces to add to your summer wardrobe as you get ready for each and every summer event. 




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