How to Layer Pieces of the Same Color Palette

Lpa Ruby Dress Scaled
Brown Midi Sweater Dress

Monochrome is a big trend in fashion. Whether it be luxury fashion or everyday fashion, you’ll see monochrome looks that stand out among the rest. And though this trend is huge, you may be among those who don’t want to wear just one color. You might want to mix it up a little but still keep with the monochromatic trend. Well, it’s all about dressing in the color palette. I have talked about it before – the color palette – but instead of sharing tips on how to pair different pieces that are different colors but fall into a palette, instead, let’s talk about wearing pieces that are the same color but just of different shades.



My first piece of advice when wearing one color but in different shades is to try to keep it simple. I’m not saying to be fully afraid of wearing any prints, but sometimes the simpler the better.

In this outfit, I chose to go with a shade of brown, which is a neutral Fall color. The dress is a comfy sweater dress that I layered over with a tan cardigan. It fits well together because the colors compliment each other because they are the same color and make the look pretty much monochromatic.

When it comes to the shoes, you can still wear shoes of the the same color of a different shade but you can also just go with a neutral shoe such as the white Vans that I am wearing. If I were to wear something else, I would probably go for a tan shoe instead of brown since the dress is a bigger focus of the look than the cardigan.

So when planning your looks for the Fall, don’t worry if you are in the store and you feel like you are buying the same color over and over again. Just layer those pieces and create your perfect Fall monochromatic look.

Duster With Midi Sweater Dress

Lpa Ruby Dress
Midi Sweater Dress
Lpa Russo Duster
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