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Cold weather season is all about perfecting your skill of layering pieces to make the perfect outfit. Of course, we layer during the warmer months as well, but we don’t layer as much as we don’t want to be sweating out of our clothes.

During the fall and winter months, layering pieces builds layers for warmth but also shows off those dynamic pieces that we want to wear all year around. Some of the best equipped closets are full of pieces that can be worn all year around – and I don’t mean your jeans. I mean the cute tops that we adore during the warmer months. Those tops that make us cringe when we even think of tucking them away when switching out our closet from our spring/summer wardrobe to our fall/winter wardrobe. But we don’t have to pack away those pieces.

The art of layering comes from having the essential pieces that allow us to layer. And most of them are pretty easy to find, if we don’t have them in our closets already. Here’s a list of essentials for layering.

  • Lace – Having lace in your wardrobe can add a whole different element to your outfit. Lace tops work great as an overlay top or underneath to show off the dynamic edge. For this post, I am showing how lace underneath a tank can add a whole new element to the outfit. It creates a subtle hint of elegance while also playing on the city chic look. You can also see one of my previous outfits where I work a long-sleeved lace top as an overlay.
  • Camis/Tanks – It’s a no-brainer to layer camis and/or tanks under outfits. You can layer multiple tanks over another to create a look of vibrant colors. Think ombre but with your tops.
  • Jackets – Jackets are essential for the cold weather months where you still want to wear your summer tops. By just throwing on a moto jacket like this one over a cute tank top keeps you warm and chic.
  • Cropped Tops – You can layer sweater crop tops over a tank or even layer a short-sleeved crop over a long-sleeved top to create a top that looks like it was built together. We already see those in stores, but why just buy that top which can only be worn one way. But the outfit in layers so that during the warmer months, you can get rid of the long-sleeved portion and still rock the other piece.

There are so many other pieces that you can use to layer your look, but it is up to you as to how you layer them and what you do with the look all-together. I found that these essential pieces helped to expand my wardrobe without causing me to take up more space in the closet. I can create multiple outfits by just changing the order of the layers or mix and matching what I want.



Top – c/o Epica Clothing {Discount Code: LIVINGLESH25} | Jacket – Charlotte Russe | Jeans – American Eagle | Booties – DSW | Earrings – c/o SugarFix by BaubleBar |
Sunglasses – c/o Epica Clothing {Discount Code: LIVINGLESH25}

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