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It’s no secret, but I love food. Whether I’m traveling or staying close to home, I’m constantly adding go-to restaurants to my list for places that we can have date nights, family dinners, or dinners out with friends. Over these past few months, you have seen some Instagram Reels, posts, and stories about two new restaurants that arrived in the Philadelphia metro area and are new to Suburban Square – Lola’s Garden and DanDan

Suburban Square has been a place that I have gone to quite frequently over the years. It’s a place where I can head to in order to shop some unique stores, enjoy the outdoors and the many events that they host, and to go to visit some amazing restaurants.

So when I found out that two new restaurants were coming to the courtyard area, I was super excited to be able to try them out. 

Lola’s Garden and DanDan both recently launched over this past Summer and are new to Suburban Square and they both have been doing phenomenally. As you’re thinking about making a trip over to Suburban Square, I want to give you a quick review of these two new hotspots. 

Lolas Garden
Lolas Garden Ardmore
Lolas Garden Suburban Square

A Foodie Review OF LOLA’S GARDEN

If you’re looking for a spot to get a meal that is as fresh, tasty, and gives a flavor that you wouldn’t expect, I recommend Lola’s Garden. Typically, when I hear sustainable food, I usually think of a lot of salads and restaurants that don’t have a lot of options to the menu along with a limited amount of flavor. But when it comes to Lola’s Garden, it is quite the opposite. 

At Lola’s Garden, you’ll find a vibrant menu with a lot of fresh flavors. From the cocktails all the way to each and every food option, you’ll find something that you are guaranteed to enjoy. We were even able to find food options that my two picky eaters – husband and son – that they loved. When you visit, I highly suggest getting one of the cocktail flights so that you can get to taste multiple cocktails and experience all the flavors, colors, and unexpected tastes that you didn’t actually see coming.

And for food the cheese board and the lamb leg were my favorites. But don’t stop yourself there, they have burgers, sandwiches, and seafood. Additionally, Lola’s isn’t just open for lunch and dinner, they also have an amazing brunch menu, and visiting Suburban Square during brunch time is one of the best times to visit. 

Aside from the menu, which is phenomenal, Lola’s Garden also has a wine bar outside of the indoor part of the restaurant and covered outdoor dining that is so beautiful that when you’re walking past the courtyard in Suburban Square, it’ll bring you right to the restaurant because you won’t be able to resist walking in. 

Dandan Suburban Square Ardmore
Dandan In Suburban Square
Dandan Ardmore Suburban Square

A Foodie Review OF DANDAN

I am a lover of Asian cuisine – so when I heard DanDan was expanding and opening a location in Suburban Square, I was super excited. DanDan is authentic Chinese food with a western style of dining. The culturally rich items on the menu will explode your tastebuds and leave you wanting more. When you’re walking around Suburban Square, you’ll be drawn to the restaurant because of the amazingly fragrant foods that will literally leave you following your nose to DanDan’s front door. During our first visit after the opening, we sat outside in the courtyard area and there were so many people walking by and stopping to take a look at what we were eating only to then find themselves heading inside to get their own seat. 

The plates at DanDan are served family-style. You’ll order a few items throughout the menu to share with your entire party, which can seem a little daunting at first but don’t worry because there are so many amazing options that you’ll find dishes that everyone will love.

My recommendation is to get the green beans, the aromatic pot with your choice of meat or tofu, the prime rib tips, and don’t forget to end the meal with the fried ice cream – you won’t regret it. 

At the Suburban Square DanDan location, you’ll find an outdoor eating area in the courtyard, as well as an indoor area with a western and open-air, feel to it. The decor of the restaurant is so great that I actually took some ideas and added them to my vision board for the home decor of our forever home we are looking to build. And the cocktail menu is superb as well. For the two times that we have gone, I just told them to surprise me with a cocktail and I have not been disappointed by their specialty cocktails. 

The DanDan located at Suburban Square will also be offering a brunch menu so that you can enjoy some of the Chinese and Taiwanese flavors that DanDan offers during the prime brunch time in Suburban Square. 

This post was sponsored by Suburban Square, Lola’s Garden, and DanDan. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make LivingLesh possible.

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