Best Loungewear for Running Errands

Olive Green Loungewear Set

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I spend a hefty amount of time in the house. Between being a stay at home working mom (SAHWM) and actually working both of my full-time jobs, there’s a lot that happens during the day. And one of the things that I used to NOT do because of the jammed packed day that I had was actually get dressed. Most of the time, I put on some pajama pants and a loose t-shirt and go about my day.



But there comes many times where I actually have to run errands during the day and I would either avoid them or do the curbside pickup since I didn’t feel like getting dressed or felt like what I was wearing wasn’t something I wanted to go out of the house in. And more often than not, I would end up forgetting to put something in my curbside order which then just led me to do another curbside order. It was just too much. So over time, I have actually found amazing loungewear sets that are so super cute and comfortable that I can wear them in the house and go out and run errands while getting compliments on what I am wearing.

Green Loungewear Set

So in that spirit, I want to share with you some cute and comfortable loungewear for running errands. These outfits are easy to slide on, super comfortable, and basically make you feel like you barely got dressed for the day. Also, if you’re feeling a little bit more motivated and want to actually do your makeup for the day, ( I typically do mine on the weekends if I am going to see people or just want to feel a little more dressed up in my loungewear ) here’s my 5-minute makeup routine that I am able to do quickly while my one-year-old son is running around and trying to help mommy put on her makeup.



Michael Costello Loungewear

Olive Green Loungewear Set
Velvet Jogger Pants
Revolve Velvet Loungewear Set
Velvet Loungewear Set
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