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To be completely honest about what I’m wearing during this quarantine, I haven’t really focused on my outfits as much as I focus on my son’s. Every other day, or sometimes every three days, I’ll get a little dressed up in a cute work from home outfit or an amazingly comfortable but stylish loungewear look, but my son’s outfits are cute every single day. Since he’s been born, I have been more excited about shopping for his outfits than I have been shopping for mine. Going into buybuyBABY has been like dropping a kid at Disney World when the lines are short and everything is discounted. So recently, to get a little bit of anxiety off of my chest, I did some retail therapy and splurged on getting my little man some new toys for his play area along with some super cute baby loungewear sets.



When it comes to shopping for baby loungewear, there are a few things that I like to keep in mind. I have so much fun getting to shop for baby clothes, but let’s be honest, moms – there’s thought behind everything when it comes to taking care of our kiddos.

Two of the biggest factors that I take into consideration when I’m shopping for baby loungewear are practicality and comfort. I want to make sure that I’m getting pieces that ae great for quick changes as well as are comfortable for a baby on the move. I don’t want to get pieces for everyday wear that are super difficult to get on and off because it quickly becomes a pain when you are changing your little one’s diaper every few hours. Additionally, my son is working on walking, is crawling everywhere and has recently begun to learn that he can climb up on furniture, stairs, and people. Because of this, it was important to us to make sure that his clothes gave him the ability to explore without being held back by his clothing. We want him to be comfy as he leans to explore the world around him!

Additionally, we also wanted a few loungewear pieces for our baby boy that would also be great for outdoor activities such as sitting on the deck, going for walks, or helping mommy and daddy outside with yard work. We love to spend time out in the sunshine, and we want baby clothing that works well for that.

Another thing that I loved about all of the looks that we picked out from buybuyBABY was that they did not only fit the criteria of what we wanted in baby loungewear, but they also were affordable – because baby clothes add up, especially because babies just grow so quickly. It can be hard to keep up with them, and I’ve often found that I’m having to re-purchase an item in a bigger size far too soon after buying the first piece because my baby has already outgrown it. I’ll take any opportunity to save when it comes to buying kids’ clothes, and buybuyBABY’s affordable prices made me feel ike I was shopping a great sale the entire time.

When shopping for our son’s baby loungewear looks, I picked out a few different pieces that I felt matched his personality. When I look back on photos from this time in his life, I want to remember every detail of what he was like and what he loved, and choosing clothes that reflect those parts of his personality is a big partof that. We got a Nike playsuit in honor of his love for playing with his basketball and soccer ball, and we got a super cute pair of overalls to match his love for the outdoors. We also got a Levi’s set to show off his love for the jeans that he used to wear but grew out of (I’m telling you, they grow so fast!), and a bodysuit set that shows his love for playing and napping. I love how many adorable options buybuyBaby has for baby boys – every time I look through their new arrivals, I find myself obsessed with something new!

There are so many baby loungewear looks to pick from and I honestly spent hours perusing through the online store trying to stop myself from buying pretty much everything in sight. It was all just too cute! If I’d taken the time to start looking through the toy section, too, I really would have been toast – how could I say no to those adorable teddy bears?


If you aren’t yet a mom, it can be tricky to know what’s best to buy for your friends’ kids. If this is a new world for them, it’s certainly an even newer world for you! I remember struggling to know what to buy when my friends started having kids, and now that I’m a mom myself, I’ve been able to gain new perspective as to the best things to purchase for your friends’ babies. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

CHOOSE soft and cozy ITEMS

When shopping for a little one, it’s always a good idea to aim for soft and cozy pieces. I love choosing items made from organic cotton or french terry so that baby can be as comfy as possible. 

SHOP seasonally

If you know what size the baby is currently wearing, grab some pieces that are a fit for their current season. They may grow out of the pieces quickly, but it saves mom and dad from having to fork over the money for a piece that they already know won’t last. Take the pressure off and give your friends something that will make them smile right now. If it’s wintertime, grab a cute sweater. If the warmer days are upon you, go for a fun bathing suit for baby, or a few short sleeve tops.


It’s always special to be able to give a gift that’s personal. Find out what your friend’s baby loves right now, and shop accordingly! If baby boy can’t get enough of watching trucks zoom around, buy him some PJs with trucks all over them! If sweet baby girl loves all things pink and princess, buy a dress that will make her look like one, too. There are so many fun and adorable baby items on the market, so you’ll have a great time shopping around.

FIND CUTE accessories

If you want to give a gift that your friend’s baby won’t outgrow quite so quickly, shop for some cute accessories! There’s nothing cuter than a good baby hat, and you can even find fun items for baby girls like tiny purses. Accessories make a sweet and unique baby gift that your friend is sure to love.


Gift cards are the go-to gift for all ages, and that doesn’t change when kids roll around. If you don’t know what to get for the child of a new parent, get their parents a gift card. That way, they can choose something that they need or that they specifically know their baby will love. Trust me – sometimes the most thoughtful thing you can do is to give them the option.


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Baby Loungewear Looks
Loungewear Looks For Baby


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