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To be completely honest about what I’m wearing during this quarantine, I haven’t really focused on my outfits as much as I focus on my son’s. Every other day, or sometimes every three days, I’ll get a little dressed up in a cute work from home outfit or an amazingly comfortable but stylish loungewear look, but my son’s outfits are cute every single day. Since he’s been born, I have been more excited about shopping for his outfits than I have been shopping for mine. Going into buybuyBABY has been like dropping a kid at Disney World when the lines are short and everything is discounted. So recently, to get a little bit of anxiety off of my chest, I did some retail therapy and splurged on getting my little man some new toys for his play area along with some super cute loungewear sets.



For baby loungewear, the key is to get pieces that are great for quick changes and comfortable for a baby on the move. My son is working on walking, crawling everywhere, and is learning that he can climb up on furniture, stairs, and people. So we wanted to make sure that his clothes gave him the ability to explore without being held back by his clothing. We also wanted a few loungewear pieces that were also great for outdoor activities such as sitting on the deck, going for walks, or helping mommy and daddy with yard work. All of the looks that we picked out from buybuyBABY did not only fit the criteria of what we wanted in baby loungewear, but they also were affordable – because baby clothes add up, especially because babies just grow so quickly.

When shopping for our son’s baby loungewear looks, I picked out a few different pieces that I felt matched his personality. We got a Nike playsuit for his love for playing with his basketball and soccer ball, we got a piar of overalls to match his love for the outdoors, we got a Levi’s set to show off his love for the jeans that he used to wear but grew out of, and a bodysuit set that shows his love for playing and napping.

There are so many baby loungewear looks to pick from and I, honestly, spent hours perusing through the online store trying to stop myself from buying pretty much everything in sight.

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