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When you find yourself looking for luxury travel inspiration, you, like me, probably turn to your favorite bloggers, influencers, and creators. I know that when I’m planning a trip, I go to a luxury travel blog I love to see if they have any tips or recommendations. As a creator myself, I love gaining inspiration from other creators, and I want to share some of my favorites with you.

The job of a travel blogger may seem like it’s all glamour and private jets, but it comes with a lot of hard work and effort. Successful luxury travel bloggers spend years perfecting their craft so that they can provide the best recommendations and tips for their audience. I love learning from fellow creators, and am so excited to share some of the best in the business with you in today’s blog post!


A luxury travel blog is a space on the internet dedicated to elevated travel. Luxury travel bloggers adventure around the world experiencing new places in the most stylish way possible. They use their blogs and social media pages to document their travels, sharing the places they’ve discovered, hotels they loved, and experiences that they want to share.

Many luxury travel blogs also have resources dedicated to learning how you too can travel luxuriously to your dream destinations. Travel can often seem like an unattainable thing, especially if you aren’t an experienced globe trotter, but what I love about my favorite travel bloggers is that they encourage you to go out and see the world yourself – and until you do, they’re there so that you can live vicariously through their adventures.

I love following along with luxury travel blogs because they always inspire me for my own adventures and vacations. If I’m not sure where I want to go when planning to book my next trip, I will turn to my favorite travel blogs and see where they’ve been recently. Oftentimes it will spark the inspiration for a trip I might not have initially thought of! Additionally, I love being able to read posts and consume content from people who have traveled to destinations that are new to me because it gives me a leg up in my travels. I have an idea going in of where I want to go and what I want to do, and I know the best restaurants, hotels, and resorts firsthand from people that I trust. I can’t imagine traveling without the recommendations of my favorite bloggers and content creators!

MY LIFE AS A Luxury Travel Blogger

As you know, I’m a luxury travel blogger, and I still pinch myself sometimes that this is my life. I have always loved to travel, and having the opportunity to see the places that I’ve always dreamed of and share them is such a gift. I love visiting new places and sharing all that I discover here on my blog, from the best restaurants and new foods to the most fabulous luxury hotels, shows, beaches, museums, and views. As my son grows up, I’m excited to be able to continue taking him on adventures with me and show him the world! Life as a luxury travel blogger is a beautiful journey, and I’m grateful for it every day.

I fully believe that luxury travel experiences should be had by everyone, and I hope that my blog encourages others to chase their dreams and get outside their comfort zone – no matter what country that may take them to! I’ve been able to travel all across the world, from Curacao to Costa Maya to Portugal and beyond. I have so many exciting trips coming up on the horizon, and I can’t wait to share about them with you.


Want to know ‘what is the best luxury travel blog’ that you should keep up to date with so you know where to go and what to do when to get there? Keep scrolling to read about some of my favorite luxury travel bloggers. These bloggers are some of the best in the business, and I am consistently learning from them and inspired by their travels and the content they have made. I can guarantee that following along with their work will make your life better. Caution: may cause a serious case of wanderlust!

Portugal Azenhas Do Mar


I wouldn’t be confident in the content that I create if I didn’t say that I believed myself to be one of the top luxury travel bloggers. Though it took me a while to delve right into completely sharing travel blogging, I have always been an avid traveler. And as I began to realize that I can travel even being a mom and working other positions in the workforce, I began to take the experiences around the world and share them with my community. On my blog and social media channels, you’ll find guides on how you can’t ravel to various locations within the US as well as around the world while still having luxury experiences even when you’re on a budget. Even more, if you’re looking to take the same experiences that I am having with your luxury on a budget taste, you can take the trips with me.

Luxury Travel Blog Simply Cyn


Cynthia is one of my favorite girlboss luxury travel bloggers to follow along with. She’s a Brooklyn based lawyer and mom of two who’s passionate about travel, style, and coaching others to help them tell their own stories. I love her elegance and class, and her knowledge of the craft is unmatched. Her Instagram showcases her effortlessly chic style and exquisite travels, and I love that she often brings her little ones along with her. Cynthia is intelligent, stylish, and always a welcome sight in my social media feeds!

Luxury Travel Blog Salty Luxe


Salty Luxe is one of my favorite travel blogs! Sarah and Chesh have one of the most stunning Instagram feeds, and they are constantly sharing incredible travel advice both on their social media as well as on their blog. They’re also passionate about sustainable travel, which I love – I’m a big believer in the fact that luxury travel should be done as ethically as possible. As an added plus, I also have to say that I love their presets – their feed is so dreamy, who wouldn’t want some extra help making theirs just as beautiful?

Luxury Travel Blog Elona


Elona has been traveling for her entire life, and her expertise shows. She started her platform from a place of wanting to show people that travel didn’t have to be expensive or time consuming – it could simply become a part of their lives. This passion project quickly became a full-time job, which Elona has now combined with humanitarian efforts – a cancer survivor herself, she runs charity for underprivileged kids with cancer, and also leads various philanthropic initiatives to help children in underserved communities. I’m obsessed with her high-end, clean Instagram aesthetic, and love watching her travels take her all over the world – not just to popular bucket list destinations, but truly across the globe.

Luxury Travel Blog Oneika


Oneika truly does it all, and I love when her content pops up in my feed. She’s an Emmy Award-winning journalist, speaker, and television host who firmly believes in educating, empowering, and encouraging exploration in others. Her blog offers travel advice for destinations all across the globe, and she creates a lot of content explaining how to make the life of a digital nomad work for you so that you can achieve the same lifestyle that she thrives in. I also love her Instagram, where she shares about the luxurious destinations she visits and offers behind-the-scenes details of how to make the most of your own trip.

Luxury Travel Blog The Essentialist


Joanna, known online as The Essentialist, is a chic and stylish luxury travel blogger based in Miami and Toronto. She is an avid photographer, and her eye is apparent through her Instagram feed – I can’t get enough of her gorgeous photos and reels! It’s practically a Pinterest board come to life. She shares content from all over the world, and I’m obsessed with following along with her luxury experiences. Her account is an incredible source of inspiration, and I definitely recommend giving it a follow!

Luxury Travel Blog Professional Traveler


Catarina turned her life around from working a 9-5 job that wasn’t fulfilling her to becoming a professional traveler – quite literally, as she’s @professionaltraveler on Instagram! She works regularly with luxury brands and destinations, and shares her experiences of traveling the world with her husband by her side. Catarina’s traveling experience is incredible – she’s been to over sixty countries, and over the past five years, has spent over 600 days traveling! She knows her stuff, and is an amazing source of inspiration. She also works to educate others who want to get into the world of luxury travel blogging, so if you find yourself itching to take the plunge, she has some great resources.

Luxury Travel Blog The Blonde Abroad


If you’re afraid that travel isn’t feasible once you become a mom, Kiki will shatter every fear you have. She and her husband and their baby boy, Oliver, travel all over the world, and it’s so much fun to watch him grow up all across the globe. Kiki documents their many adventures through beautiful photos and videos, and her blog is a fantastic resource for travel tips when you’re heading somewhere new. No matter where in the world I am, I find myself getting major wanderlust every time she posts!


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