How We’ve Developed a Strong Partnership in Marriage

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Marriage isn’t easy. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Whether you’re married, planning to get married, in a relationship, or living that single life, the truth is that it’s not always flowers, chocolates, and heart emojis every single day when you’re in a relationship. I will openly admit that I’m not always my husband’s biggest fan every day. There are certain days where I need to be in a completely separate room, if not a completely separate location. But then there are some days where I need him right next to me holding my hand or rubbing my back. There are great days and there are bad days, but in each of those days, there’s still the love and there’s still a partnership, and that’s what I want to focus on in today’s post. I want to share with you all how we have created a partnership in marriage and how it’s kept us moving forward, and will keep us moving forward and growing in our relationship.



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Viewing Each Other As Equals

In our household, we don’t weigh who is the primary breadwinner or who adds more to the household financially. In every marriage, there is going to be one that is going to make more money than the other, and that might flip-flop as each person advances or goes through hard times. But it doesn’t truly matter. What matters is that we view each other as equals and each one of us values what the other does to strengthen our household and keep us moving forward as a family.

Keep Open Communication

When it comes to making decisions, even ones that we feel are severely personal, we speak to each other about them and keep open channels of communication. When I decided to change doctors and speak to a specialist about my health issues stemming from my PCOS, I talked them over with my husband. Though it was all about my well-being and he wouldn’t have noticed a difference, either way, I shared that with him because we agree, that in a partnership, there is a need to know about your partner and what is going on.

Support Each Other In Interests and Ventures

Supporting each other goes a long way. When you know that your spouse is supporting you in your interests and/or ventures because you have a partnership in marriage, you do better. You strive to achieve more, and you both will feel a sense of security knowing that you both have each other’s back when a huge risk is taken. My husband supports me in everything that I do. As I began expanding on my blogging business, my husband didn’t step

back and let me do my own thing; instead, he took interest and asked how he can get involved. From there, he took a basic photography class and has been my blog photographer ever since. And I do the same for him, I support him in his career changes and his wants to speak at conferences, coach, and influence others.

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When you view your spouse as your partner, you entire marriage is happier and healthier. Together, my husband and I make decisions because we know that no matter how personal those decisions are, they affect the entire family, and by being partners, we have learned to value everything about each other. Even the little things that we don’t always find attractive in each other. By having a partnership in marriage, we have gotten through some of the toughest times in our relationship – even moments that occurred before we were married where we could have just ended the relationship and walked away.

We know that as we navigate through our lives, there will be times that are going to be harder than we ever expected, and we know that we may not always agree on things. But by having that healthy partnership, we will listen to each other’s wants and opinions and seek a way so that we are both happy and our entire family is happy and healthy too.

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