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Getting matching family Christmas pajamas is something that we love doing every year. Over the years we have shared family traditions with Carter and created new holiday family traditions including getting matching holiday pajamas that we would wear for a family photo shoot and to wear on the morning of Christmas.

If getting matching family Christmas pajamas is something that you’re looking to do this holiday season then I’m here to share with you the joy of getting matching family pajamas all while pointing you in the right direction as to where to find and buy some for y our family and a few tips on what to do if you can’t find complete sets because they are sold out in certain sizes or they just don’t fit everyone’s personality.

Matching family Christmas pajamas sell out very fast which is why you often see a lot of them hitting the shelves of stores before Thanksgiving. Even online, pajama sets sell out in presale because they are so popular. I always recommend to anyone who is looking to buy family holiday pajamas to do them as early as possible to get the print that you want and to give ample time for shipping. But, even if you think about doing it early, sometimes we just end up being a little late on the ordering side and still want our pajamas.

Whether you’re buying your family Christmas pajamas early or if you’ve procrastinated a little, I’ve rounded up a few top stores where you can shop for holiday family pajamas as well as providing you some tips on how to create matching looks when you can’t find complete sets.

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Shopping for matching family Christmas pajamas is a tricky thing. You have to order for various sizes and you have to find a print that showcases your family’s style and doesn’t have anyone making faces because they don’t like the look at all. For Carter’s first Christmas, we didn’t do matching pajamas, instead, we did a complimentary family holiday pajama look and focused on Carter and his ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ holiday pajamas.

Matching holiday family pajamas are also a great gift to give to everyone. Some years, our family coordinates holiday family pajamas so that when we take the Christmas photo of us gathering together on Christmas, we are all matching in some type of way. My favorite place to get our holiday pajamas is from Burt’s Bees. The Burt’s Bees FamJams, like the ones we are wearing in this post, is always a great go-to because they have such fun prints, are super comfortable, and everyone likes the sets.

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  • Family Christmas Pajamas Scaled
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There have been quite a few years where I procrastinated on buying our holiday pajamas and ended up going to some of my favorite stores and not being able to find complete sets in everyone’s sizes. It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean that we have to completely give up on wearing matching holiday pajamas during Christmas. Instead, it just takes a little imagination and the knowing of where to search and how to put the entire look together. Putting together looks for the entire family on the holidays is meant to be fun and bring your family together, so the biggest piece of advice is to not stress too much about it, but to also just try doing some searching and try these tips to get to the look that you want to create this holiday season.

    Wear pajamas that are the same color or similar prints and compliment each other instead of matching. During the years where our entire family gets together for Christmas, we wear complimenting pajamas that aren’t from the same set, but in pictures you would think that we all got our pajamas at the same time. What’s best about doing this is that everyone also gets to wear pajamas and prints that show off their personal style while also matching with the rest of the family.
    One year, for fun, we decided to go with a Disney theme for our pajama look and instead of us having matching pajamas in the same colors or prints, we decided to wear pajamas that featured or were inspired by our favorite characters. Our prints didn’t match and the colors were completely different, but we look coordinated because it was obvious that we were all Disney. There are so many fun themes out there that you can use to go with what your family enjoys doing. This year, we even considered doing a Bluey theme and putting together pajamas that matched the characters.
    Instead of focusing on matching, create unique family holiday pajamas looks that don’t match. Sometime showcasing the individual styles and personalities of your family without matching can be the best way to create family pajama looks. If you find yourself stressing about who is wearing what, just let everyone pick out their favorite holiday pajamas and have fun! If you want to add something extra, find pajamas in different styles but get them personalized. There was one set that I saw a family wearing where everyone had on a plaid print that varied in different colors, but they had their pajamas personalized with their names and it brought the entire look together.
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