How to Create Matching Mommy & Son Outfits

Matching Mom And Son Outfits

Matching Mom And Son Outfits

When it comes to matching mommy and me outfits, it’s usually the ones that are for mother and daughter that most people can easily find. For mommy and son, it can be really hard to find those matching outfits and if you do find any, they are either sportswear focused or just simple t-shirts with a catchy phrase, which I do love, but being a mom of a baby boy, I want a little more. Since he started getting bigger, I have been working to put together some looks that are matching in some ways, but more complementary to each other. So in that spirit, I want to share a few tips on how I have been able to start putting together matching mommy and son outfits that are matchy-matchy or ones that just compliment each other. 




For me, I am more preferable to the matching mommy and son outfits that compliment each other rather than having complete identical outfits. Don’t get me wrong, I am still one that likes the identical outfits, but I feel like complimentary ones are easier to put together and it lets mommy and baby show off their individual personal styles.

As I have begun gathering looks for the matching mommy and son outfits, I have begun picking both complimenting outfits and matching outfits.

Some of my favorite identical outfits have been the ones where there are cute catchy phrases that show that mommy and son are attached. I also enjoy the outfits that become gender-neutral so that mommy and son can have identical looks that don’t make baby boy look feminine and don’t make mommy look masculine. At the end of the day, the outfit just makes them both look as if they are wearing an outfit. So when picking out your identical mommy and son outfit, start with looking for gender-neutral tops that can be paired with jeans. You can find sweaters, sweatshirts, layered tops, or even ones that have the same logo or design that are also available for mom and baby size for your son. For example, one of the tops that I have found recently is a knit sweater in beige that I found in the baby boy section and in the women’s section. And though the knit design on the front is somewhat different, the tops still are able to create an identical look when put together. (Stay tuned for that look coming on my Instagram).

Mom And Son Outfit

For the complimentary look, those are easily created by just finding colors in the same color palette that go well together – like this outfit. We aren’t wearing the exact same outfit, but his little jogging suit from Primark went so well with my Nike lifestyle look. And as we were out and about that day, people kept saying how we had such a cute mommy and me look.

So, if you’re a boy mom, or a mom of boys and girls and want to match everyone, don’t feel disheartened about it being hard to put looks together to match your son. There are ways to do it and with some dedication, you’ll be creating the perfect looks that will have everyone saying how cute you both are together.

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