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Each year go from hot to a comfortable temperature and then straight into the unpredictable Winter. And though the colder days make us want to stay in the house more often then not, we tend to find ourselves with events and outings on our schedule. So we prepare our wardrobes and put together our essential winter wardrobe with one of the essential pieces being the maxi sweater dress.

Sweater dresses are an essential piece to a complete winter wardrobe because you can style them for a variety of occasions. Whether you are planning a date night, a girl’s day out for drinks or brunch, a family dinner, or just to head into work, the maxi sweater dress keeps you warm and comfortable and looking absolutely stylish. With so many styles out there, I wanted share the different ways to wear your maxi sweater dress this winter.

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One thing that I truly love about a max sweater dress is that it’s not only warm and comfortable but it can be flattering to almost any body size. Whether you’re petite, plus size or a size in somewhere in between, the sweater maxi dress is one that you can style, make your own, and have it flatter your body type in different ways. Additionally, sweater dresses come in so many different fabrics that make you feel as if you are wearing a blanket while you’re out and about. I’m one that likes to lean on a knitted or knit fabric, but I have come to love a variety of different fits and fabrics for a sweater dress.

When styling a sweater dress, whether maxi or midi, there are many ways that you can go, it all depends on what the occasion is that you are styling your dress for and what type of look you are going for. For styling, you want to consider the many different aspects that you can add to your look including shoes and accessories. Below is a collection of different styling tips for dressing up or keeping your look casual when wearing a sweater dress. Even with one dress, you can take these style tips and create a variety of different looks for a variety of different occasions.

    A pair of neutral colored booties, whether in black, tan, or a shade of nude, always go great with a maxi dress. With many long sleeve maxi dresses being in neutral tones, you’ll want to style your shoes to match the neutral look. You can go with a monochromatic look and match your shoes to your dress, or you can create a neutral contrast and wear two different neutral colors.
    A long cardigan not only adds an extra layer over your dress, but it also creates a great color contrast if you wear two different colors between your dress and the cardigan. Though shorter cardigans do go well with a maxi sweater dress, a longer cardigan just seems to always look better.
    A cropped sweater is a great way to add an extra layer to your dress while making the look seem like a two piece look. Depending on the look that you are going for, you can go with a cropped hoodie for a more relaxed look or go for a more formal style sweater to create a more dressier look.
    While any style of belt would work, I always suggest a < a href="">thicker belt to style with a maxi dress. Use the belt to break up the top from the bottom and to create a style illusion that cinches the waist and elongates the legs essentially making you thinner and taller.
    With a neutral toned maxi dress, you may want to spice things up and add some statement heels. With a pair of statement heels, you can still keep a neutral tone or you can add a little pop of color and go with a bright heel. One great look that you can style is a black sweater dress combined with a < ahref="">red statement heel.
    For a super casual look, add a denim jacket over your maxi dress and complete the look with a pair of sneakers. One extra thing that you can do is add a pair of sneakers that have a print. With animal print being such a hot trend right now, go a little wild and find a pair of white or light colored sneakers with some animal print and style it with your dress.
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Maxi Sweater Dress Style

As you consider your maxi sweater dress, mix and match these style tips to create looks for the variety of places that you’ll be going to this winter. With these tips, you can create dynamic and stunning looks that will make you want to leave the house because you’ll want people to see it.

    With a maxi dress that has a high slit, I would suggest over the knee boots not only for style but for extra leg coverage. In the cold weather, you may want a little extra coverage and, to add a little more, don’t be hesitant to also add some tights. Even without a dress with a high slit, you can still wear over the knee boots that keep you covered and also add that extra winter style.
    With so many maxi dresses being in neutral styles, add a little extra element with a statement handbag. I love carrying around totes during the winter season because you can just carry so many more extra things that you may need to weather the cold than you would in the warmer months, but a statement clutch or another type of statement handbag is also great to wear.
    During the winter, the one thing that you are breaking out is your coat. So when styling your maxi dress look, style it with a trench coat for your outerwear. The trench coat with a blanket scarf over your sweater dress will just create a look that you’ll want to wear over and over again because it not only looks good but it’s also comfortable and warm.
    Keep it simple but stunning and go monochromatic. Pick one solid color to wear and have your shoes and accessories to match that main color. I’m one who is a huge fan of the black maxi sweater dress monochromatic look because it just stands out for any occasion and looks gorgeous on every body type.
    One of the biggest trends in the Fall and Winter is the shacket, so keep the trend going by styling a long shacked over your maxi dress. With a variety of prints that shackets come in, you can add a new level of dynamic to your look with a stylish shacket>.
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When shopping for a maxi sweater dress, you can pretty much go to any of your favorite stores and find one that you can buy. For me, I like to shop a specific places when looking for sweater dresses because I know I can find a variety of different styles in various tones, fits, necklines, and textures which allows me to pick a dress that I can style for the winter season in a variety of ways. The main places that I shop for maxi sweater dresses are Abercrombie, Revolve, Anthropologie, and Meshki. Each of these different stores for women, all with different aesthetics, always have great winter dresses that you can find at the right price. If you’re looking for something more dressy, I would go to Anthropologie or Meshki. Looking for casual, then Abercrombie is for you. But if you’re looking for one place to find both dressy and casual, then Revolve is where you want to start. I’ve rounded up a selection of some great maxi sweater dresses below that you can shop and add to your closet today.

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