Mom Chic Looks for Fall

Gray Comfy Duster

Fall Looks For Moms

When I first had Carter, I struggled with my style. At first, it was because the clothes that I used to wear didn’t fit right anymore. Then, it was that the clothes that I used to wear weren’t as functional as I needed them to be when it came to breastfeeding, and then when it came to just being able to keep up with an active child. But after a while, I became used to my new body and the changes that came with having had a baby. I came to discover fashion that was still functional but still fit my personal style. Overall, I realized that there’s not a real thing as “mom fashion”. There’s just being a mom and your personal style, and that’s why I want to share some fashion inspiration for creating mom chic looks for the Fall.



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(Whether You’re a Mom or Not)

Functionality in an outfit can be super essential. Though many of us become homebodies as it gets colder, many of us also take part in indoor and outdoor activities. Even more, some of us travel to the mountains or other popular cold-weather destinations, and we tend to do a lot more on trips than we actually had expected to.

When looking for outfits that function for you, try to focus on fabrics that breathe but also keep you warm. I’m a big advocate of wearing cotton because it keeps in warmth while also letting your body breathe and move freely. It’s just overall non-restricting. But don’t be afraid of other fabrics. Lace is not a horrible fabric to wear, but you’ll want to layer it to keep yourself warm.

If you’re a mother who happens to be breastfeeding, a few tricks that I learned for the cold weather months are to wear tops the fold down easily, wear ponchos with the maternity tanks that snap down, and to overall avoid wearing bodysuits (they aren’t your friend when you’re breastfeeding – especially because you’re probably drinking a lot of water).

I’ve rounded up a few tops that are perfect for chic Fall looks no matter whether you’re a mom or not. Many of them are breastfeeding friendly, and all of them are highly functional for whatever activity you are planning on taking on this season.


Chic Fall Looks

Abercrombie Blue Lace Bodysuit
Abercrombie Gray Duster
Early Fall Fashion
Blue Open Back Bodysuit
Chic Looks For Fall
Gray Comfy Duster
Open Back Bodysuit
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