Getting Rid of Mom Guilt When You Need to Travel for Work

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In this episode, I’m going to talk about the one thing everyone keeps asking me is, do you have mom guilt? Mom guilt creeps up on many of us when we consider traveling. We plan these kid-free trips and get set to go, but as the days get closer, the guilt begins to set in. But there are ways to rid yourself of that feeling of mom guilt and enjoy your trip because moms can still travel with and without their children. 

You get up, you go on these trips for your influencer business. You go out on all these events, and you’re leaving your son at home. Don’t you feel guilty for doing this? Sometimes I do. I will, I wanna talk about, in this episode, talking about the aspect of mom guilt, why we feel it, and whether it’s a good thing to feel it, a bad thing to feel, and how to kind of push it aside because the one thing I want everyone to know is, If you feel guilty about doing the things in your life, you’re never going to do them.


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