Best Picks for Denim Mom Shorts & How to Style The Trend

Abercrombie Summer Bodysuit

To be straightforward with you all, when I first saw the denim mom shorts trend come out, I wasn’t quite too sure about. To me, it wasn’t going to be something that would flatter my frame and I felt like it would only go with certain tops and wouldn’t make me look flatter and shorter and it would cover up the features that I would want to accentuate. But when I finally decided to take the plunge and by myself some mom jeans and some mom shorts, I was completely proved wrong and realized that mom shorts needed to be a part of my summer outfit essentials.

When it comes to denim mom shorts, there are a variety of reasons why I love them and why those that wear the look love them too. One of the biggest reasons is that they are great for those looking to accentuate curves because of the typical high-rise fit and tight to loose fit look. And then another reason that many love them is because of the length of the leg which allows you still be wearing shorts without feeling like you’re about to show off the goods.

With so many places to shop for denim mom jeans, it essentially comes down to where you like to shop, what your personal style is, and how you are planning to rock your mom jeans this season. In this post, I’m providing tips on how to style mom jeans along with great places to shop for denim mom jeans including one of my go-to places who constantly has new arrivals – Abercrombie. So now that you’re ready to take on this trend, let’s break down the look and pick out some shorts!

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Abercrombie Mom Shorts


Mom shorts are called what they are because they are meant to be a reflection of the style of shorts that many mothers wore decades ago. Similar to Bermuda shorts and even bike shorts, they are longer from the waistline to the hemline and open up wider at the end so they aren’t hugging your legs.

Most shorts that you see in stores are pretty short. I mean, I remember wearing the short shorts that always had the pockets hanging out. And I will admit, I still have some. There is nothing wrong with those types of shorts, but, for me, I don’t feel like the short-shorts really go with every type of outfit.

When you looking to pull off a more comfortable and classic summer look, I highly suggest going for mom shorts. To rock the trend, try to aim to get a few pairs that are both distressed and not. This will allow you to change up the look depending on how trendy or relaxed you’re looking to go. Also, get some that are high-waisted. Mom shorts look amazing when they are tucked into the top, and if you’re petite like me, having high-waisted bottom elongates the leg to make you look so much taller. So by getting a pair of high waisted mom shorts, you can tuck in the top and cinch it with a belt – a few must-do tips to make yourself look taller – you can flatter your frame and look comfortable and chic in a summer outfit that is perfect for almost anyone.

The biggest thing for rocking the mom short trend is to not think about it too much. If you’re sitting there thinking that the shorts aren’t going to work for you because of your size, you’re thinking wrong. I’ve seen so many women rocking these shorts of various sizes. It’s a trend that loves diverse body types and, though many people think otherwise, it’s not just a trend to wear because you’re a mom.


    Bodysuits look so great with mom shorts because it shows off your curves in every way. Since both bodysuits and mom shorts accentuate curves, putting these together is a no brainer. For hotter days, I recommend a sleeveless bodysuit to go with your high-rise mom shorts.
    Get sophisticated and add a blazer to your mom shorts look. I’d suggest to opt with an oversized blazer or a blazer that has a length that goes below the hem of your shorts. Add a graphic tee and leave the blazer unbuttoned for a chic, well put together look.
    With any high-rise pants, you’ll want to style it with a crop top. And the contrast between the longer length of mom shorts to the shorter length of the crop top create a cute and summery look.
    With a pair of medium or light wash mom shorts, add a plain white tank. You can either tuck it in or find one that is a crop top to create a stylish vintage look. If you’re not one that likes a tank, you can even go with wear a variance of white shirts with the look to complete the look.
    Mom shorts are great for the beach which is why one of my go to ways to style mom shorts is with a swim style and oversized button up shirt. Add a sun hat and some sunglasses along with some shoes and other accessories and you’re all set!
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TOP PICKS OF Denim Mom Shorts


parker long short

These denim mom shorts from AGOLDE are a highly-recommended pair to add to your wardrobe if you are planning on only adding one. For many, it’s become their go to shorts for the warm weather because of the light wash that goes with so many warm weather colors and the high waisted element allows you to wear it with bodysuits, tucked-in tops, and crop tops. Style these with a summer look by the pool and you’ll be turning heads instantly.


80’s Mom Shorts

If you’re going for more of a retro look, these Levi’s 80s denim shorts are exactly what you’ll want to grab. At a great price for denim from Levi’s you can style these shorts with a variety looks and create a complete 80s look. Because of the vintage style, these denim mom shorts embody what denim shorts were meant to look like and show off the curves with a semi high waisted style that you’ll love and feel comfortable in.


curve love high rise mom short

We often think that denim is in a blue color, but that isn’t true. And black denim is completely in style so these black denim mom shorts are perfect for styling this season. From Abercrombie, this pair of shorts will accentuate your curves while giving you a high rise mom short look. Wear these shorts with a stylish bodysuit and an oversized button up shirt – short sleeved or long-sleeved rolled up – and you’ll be rocking a relaxed, chic look.


501 high-rise denim

Going back to the wonderful Levi’s brand, these high waisted shorts flatter all frames and is a highly popular option. This is one that I added to my own closet collection and I have to say that not only do the shorts look amazing, but they also feel like butter and are lightweight – making it easy for this mom to move around without feeling confined by my shorts and also not feeling like I have a heavy pair of shorts on while in the heat.


the momjean short in essen wash

Another top denim brand is Madewell and like the name, the mom shorts that you can grab from this brand are made well. This super light wash style is great to pair with lighter colors such as pastels or whites and the loose feel is great for those looks for extra comfort. I would recommend this short for wearing to beach or heading to the pool since it layers so well over bathing suits and looks great against the lighter colors of bathing suits that you may wear.


high rise mom short

For those who want to try out the mom short trend but aren’t fully ready for the oversized and super high rise look of mom shorts, this pair of shorts is for you. This pair embodies the mom short trend without overdoing it which makes it look like it is teetering between mom shorts and looking like regular shorts. The medium wash makes it great for wearing with a variety of looks so that you can style these shorts all season.


high-rise mom jean shorts

With a relaxed and not as loose fit style, I’d recommend these for those who don’t like a distressed look and want something that is a little more form fitting. In comparison to other mom jeans that have a little more of an open leg, this high-rise pair of shorts has a more vintage look that shows off the figure of any person that is wearing them.

universal standard

high-rise vintage midi jeans shorts

Looking for a pair of mom shorts that are at a lower price so that you can see whether the denim mom shorts trend is right for you? Then this super affordable pair of jean shorts is exactly what you’ll want to add to your closet. These shorts are comfortable and cute and are easily purchased at Target. Stop into your local Target and try on these shorts which come from a Target brand that has great quality to see just how great mom shorts are.

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