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To be straightforward with you all, when I first saw the mom jeans trend come out, I wasn’t quite too sure about. To me, it wasn’t going to be something that would flatter my frame and I felt like it would only go with certain tops and wouldn’t make me look flatter and shorter and it would cover up the features that I would want to accentuate. But when I finally decided to take the plunge and by myself some mom jeans and some mom shorts, I was completely proved wrong and realized that mom shorts needed to be a part of my summer outfit essentials.



Mom shorts are called what they are because they are meant to be a reflection of the style of shorts that many mothers wore decades ago. Similar to Bermuda shorts, they are longer from the waistline to the hemline and open up wider at the end so they aren’t hugging your legs.

Most shorts that you see in stores are pretty short. I mean, I remember wearing the short shorts that always had the pockets hanging out. And I will admit, I still have some. There is nothing wrong with those types of shorts, but, for me, I don’t feel like the short-shorts really go with every type of outfit.

When you looking to pull off a more comfortable and classic summer look, I highly suggest going for the mom shorts. To rock the trend, try to aim to get a few pairs that are both distressed and not. This will allow you to change up the look depending on how trendy or relaxed you’re looking to go. Also, get some that are high-waisted. Mom shorts look amazing when they are tucked into the top, and if you’re petite like me, having high-waisted bottom elongates the leg to make you look so much taller. So by getting a pair of high waisted mom shorts, you can tuck in the top and cinch it with a belt – a few must-do tips to make yourself look taller – you can flatter your frame and look comfortable and chich in a summer outfit that is perfect for almost anyone.

The biggest thing for rocking the mom short trend is to not think about it too much. If you’re sitting there thinking that the shorts aren’t going to work for you because of your size, you’re thinking wrong. I’ve seen so many women rocking these shorts of various sizes. It’s a trend that loves diverse body types and, though many people think otherwise, it’s not just a trend to wear because you’re a mom.

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