Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes

Mommy And Son Lilo And Stitch

Every year at Halloween, I get super excited. Now, as a family, I get super excited about being able to create family Halloween costumes and mommy and me Halloween costumes. Last year, we took Carter out for his first Halloween where we were able to put together a family Harry Potter Halloween costume. Though Carter wasn’t excited about the costume like I was and spent most of Halloween napping, I am even more excited, this year, to be able to put together some Halloween costumes wit him.

There were quite a few options that we went through, and I based a lot of them on his interest in certain Disney movies or other cartoons, and I let him sit next to me while I showed him some pictures letting him decide what he liked the most.

For mommy and me Halloween costumes, one of the main places I say to start is on Amazon. The reason why is that mommy and me Halloween costumes are fun to DIY and there are a lot options available for both mommy and kid. The biggest tip that I give anyone creating a mommy and me Halloween costume or a family Halloween costume is start with finding a costume for the child. Kids costumes, though there are plenty of them, run out of sizes very quickly, so start with what you can find for your child and then build from there. I found a lot of options for toddler and kids on Disney, Amazon, and Target than I was actually finding at the Halloween stores. Then after finding his costumes, I was easily able to find costumes that fit me on various sites and even from my own closet to create these cute mommy and me Halloween costumes.


Mommy And Son Lilo And Stitch

O’hana means family! Finding this Stitch Halloween costume for Carter made me so excited, especially because he’s like my own little Stitch. He runs around and seems only know destruction, but he’s just so loveable and loves to stay connected to his family.

Carter’s Stitch costume is a baby and toddler Halloween costume that can be purchased on the Disney website. It’s a onesie style and does not come with the pants, so to keep Carter warm during the cool Halloween night, I grabbed some blue pants from Target and paired them with his outfit. The mittens on the costume come attached to the sleeves and they are easily removable and the hat is a piece that velcros right under the chin. For shoes, we ended up putting on some blue socks that he already had and black sneakers.

For my Lilo Halloween costume, I was able to DIY some pieces from Amazon that were actually super affordable and easy to style again with other looks. The top is a simple tube top in red and the skirt is a skater skirt in a moss green. Both pieces were under $15 at the time that I purchased and the headpiece was under $10 from Amazon.

For the late evening, I ended up putting on some moss green leggings to keep myself warm and put on a tropic button up top that I had gotten on vacation to keep myself warm. For shoes, I ended up wearing some plain white sneakers that didn’t distract too much from the outfit and kept me comfortable while walking around during the family friendly Halloween parties and the Halloween parade.

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Tinkerbelle & Captain Hook MOMMY & ME HALLOWEEN COSTUMES

Mommy And Me Tinkerbelle

The Disney website is a gold mind for finding Halloween costumes for little ones. I ended up scoring this Captain Hook Halloween costume for Carter on there as well at a great price. I highly recommend shopping the Disney costumes around mid-September or early October as there are usually good sales going on for the costumes and sizes are still plentiful. Plus, you don’t want to wait too long and get stuck having to find something else due to shipping issues.

Carter’s Captain Hook Halloween costume was a great find because it wasn’t too constraining for him. I wanted to make sure that he has a costume that he didn’t feel like he needed to pull off every five seconds. The costume did come with a hook, but it was a little too much to ask a toddler to hold on that. Instead, we threw on some socks and some black boots and his costume was complete.

To complete this Captain Hook and Tinkerbelle mommy and me Halloween costume, I actually only had to make a small purchase of the wings which I also got from Amazon. The green dress was actually a dress I already had in my closet as it’s not a dress that was only being sold for the purpose of Halloween.

For a Tinkerbelle look, this is one very easy to DIY because the green dress doesn’t have to be exact. My suggestion is to style a green dress that you may already have or find one that has a little bit of lace and frill so that you can wear it again for other occasions and not feel like you have a dress that you can only wear with your mommy and me Halloween costume. You can also add in some sparkly shoes – flats or heels – and also add in a little wand which are super easy to find on Amazon as well.

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