Influencer Tips: How to Monetize with Shoppable Videos

Shoppable Video Scaled

As influencers, it is always exciting to learn new ways that we can monetize the content we love creating. One of my favorite recent ways of monetizing is through shoppable video. If you’ve yet to dive into creating shoppable videos for your audience, you’re in the right place. Video has quickly become one of the highest performing forms of content, so it’s important to use it to your advantage as much as possible.

Do you want to begin creating shoppable videos on social media for your audience? Have you wondered the best way to begin, but felt overwhelmed by the options available? You’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to dive into why shoppable videos are so useful to you as a creator, and the best tips and tricks for creating videos that will convert to sales from your followers.


What is Shoppable Video?

First things first: what is shoppable video, anyways?

Shoppable video is video that features products that viewers can then immediately purchase through the video. When viewers watch the video, interactive pop-ups known as product hotspots appear that allow viewers to click to purchase the featured products. From the viewer perspective, it is a super simple and intuitive shopping process – much more fun than dragging yourself all over town trying to find what you’re looking for. From a seller perspective, shoppable video is a fantastic way of reaching their audience and integrating into the content that their customers are already consuming on a regular basis.

Video is huge in the realm of social media right now, so it only makes sense for sellers and creators to lean into that as a primary form of monetization. Shoppable videos allow for a streamlined shopping process for customers that is easy and seamless – which is incredibly important when trying to get your audience through the process of purchasing.

Does It Work?

The quick answer? Yes – it absolutely does.

The click through rates for interactive videos have been shown to be ten times higher than that of passive videos. It also has been noted that conversion has been increased at least 30% by using interactive videos. That’s a huge deal! Lead generation, greater referrals, increased web traffic – it’s all improved by the use of interactive video. So yes, shoppable video absolutely works – and as an influencer, there is no doubt that you should be using it.

What Does Shoppable Video Look Like for Me?

So, you know that shoppable video can be a great way to land conversions and see authentic growth. But what does it look like for you and your platform to begin using shoppable video? Let’s say that, like me, you’re a lifestyle and travel influencer. You’ve received a brand deal with a skincare company, and need a way to promote the products you’ve been sent. How can shoppable video work in this situation? Well, you could create a get ready with me video of your morning routine and film yourself using the products that you’ve been sent. Then, when you share the video, you could add the ability for your audience to shop the products that you use in the video. This will immediately drive customers to the products, which will make your brand very happy!

Or, let’s say that you’re packing for an upcoming trip – an exciting week in the Bahamas, or the vacation to Europe that you’ve been dreaming of all year. As you pack, you decide to vlog the process, or make a reel of what you’re bringing with you so that your followers can get packing inspiration for their own trips. By making the video shoppable, your followers can purchase the items that you’re packing – so if you use affiliate links, those are direct sales for you.

See what I mean? Shoppable video is an easy and natural way to monetize while still creating content that is of value to your viewers. It doesn’t feel overly sales-y or forced – you’re just showing people a glimpse of your life, and giving them the opportunity to use the same products that you love.

Where Should I Share Shoppable Content?

As a creator, when you begin sharing shoppable content, it can be overwhelming to know the best place to begin. There are a few places in particular to focus in on shoppable video, so I’m going to walk you through the different options that you can use.

Amazon Live

Due to the popularity of shoppable video content – and the results that it yields – Amazon made the decision a few years back to launch Amazon Live, a shoppable live stream platform for celebrities, influencers, creators, and brands. Similar to a QVC show, Amazon Live allows Amazon sellers to host livestreams. On these live streams, they can promote their products.

Amazon users who go on Amazon Live to shop then have the option to watch current livestreams or recent streams. They can follow their favorite creators, influencers, or brands, and stay up to date on new products and drops. To host live streams, creators have to use the Amazon Live Creator app to go live via an Apple device. You’ll be able to create a stream, and add products that you want your viewers to be able to purchase through the video. If you want to extend your reach, you’ll also have the option to pay to boost your stream.

Shoppable Video Amazon

As you try to build your audience, you’ll have the option of sharing your Amazon Live video via link to an email list, blog, or social media platform. This will bring more people to your live and thus more shoppers to your channel. Amazon suggests running your lives for at least thirty minutes at a time to give people ample time to stumble onto your video, as well as, in the style of QVC, making sure to mention different products multiple times throughout the live and give direct calls to action to your viewers. After all, people will be coming in and out of your livestream, so you want to make sure that new viewers know what’s going on. And remember – give people a reason to care! Demonstrate why your products are great, and host streams when deals or sales are going on so that shoppers have extra reason to go ahead and buy now.


Similar to Amazon, YouTube has launched their own livestream system for their creators to create shoppable videos. YouTube Shopping allows creators to promote products either from their own stores or in partnership with brands. If you want to sell your own products, you will have to make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements. Once you have set everything up, like with Amazon Live, you will be able to tag products in livestreams. If you are already an established YouTuber, it probably makes the most sense for you to jump straight into YouTube shopping as you already have an audience on the platform.

Shoppable Video Youtube

Oftentimes, YouTube content is already product central to begin with – influencers post hauls, show themselves picking out clothes or decorating their home, or casually mention products that are making their lives easier or better. It only makes sense to naturally be able to transition into a seamless shopping experience for viewers. By tagging products in your YouTube videos and live streaming, you’re making it easy for customers. They no longer have to dig around online to find the products that you’re using, or hunt through video descriptions to track down all of the links. Everything is right there, easy and accessible for them. 

Instagram and TikTok

The most mainstream and straightforward way to create shoppable videos is, unsurprisingly, through social media. By adding product tags to the videos that you create, users are able to shop your products easily and effectively. With the rise of video content as a whole and the priority that it receives through the social media algorithm, videos are your best bet for getting your products in front of your audience. And do you want to know the great thing about social media? It’s so easy to make your product placement natural instead of forced – which makes people far more likely to actually purchase the products that you’re promoting. When people feel as though you’re showing them the things that you care about instead of just shoving products down their throat to try to get their money, it builds trust. You want to give the best possible customer experience – not make them feel as though they’re being pushed by a marketing ploy.

Shoppable Video Social
Shoppable Videos Social Media
Shoppable Videos Instagram

When you’re planning out your strategy for various social media platforms, be sure to include shoppable videos. You might be shocked at how effective they can be. 

Making Shoppable Videos a Part of Your Content Calendar

As you plan out your upcoming content, experiment with incorporating shoppable videos into your content calendar. You don’t have to dive in all at once – play around with posting one a week, just to get your feet wet. The more that you begin to understand the truth of the matter – that shoppable videos work – the more you’ll learn how to incorporate them reguarly, and the more you’ll begin to see results. 

Video marketing truly is the future of social media content, and you are only doing yourself a favor by getting on board now. Start creating shoppable videos and trust me, you’ll see results. 


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