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Breastfeeding Motif Medical Scaled

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Breastfeeding Motif Medical

When I got to the point in my pregnancy where my obstetrician began asking me how I was planning to feed my baby, my immediate response was that I was planning to breastfeed. It was then that I was given information on lactation consultants and how to go about getting a breast pump for me to use. I knew a little about breast pumps from friends and family who had used theirs to exclusively pump or to pump when going back to work. So, I planned to get one to store it for when I was ready to head back to work after my maternity leave. It didn’t occur to me that I actually would need my pump while on maternity after the first month of breastfeeding.


Many women get breast pumps for a variety of reasons – to exclusively pump, heading back to work, traveling, to increase milk supply, or even something as simple as going out for a date night or a night out with friends. And for me, I use a breast pump for a variety of reasons – one being to aid in oversupply – and I wanted a breast pump that would be able to get the milk out that my son needed without leaving me stuck on the couch for an extended period of time. That’s when the Motif Luna Breast Pump came in.

As a working mom who not only works as a blogger but also as a full-time teacher, I am constantly on the move and don’t have much extra time in the day. Even while on maternity leave from my teaching job, my day is filled with full-time blogging tasks, taking care of my son, and the upkeep of our household. So the Motif breast pump was a godsend when I discovered that it would pump out milk in a shorter time.

I didn’t start consistently pumping until my son was about 5 weeks. I pumped occasionally on certain days where I had such an oversupply that my chest felt like it was about to explode, but it wasn’t until he was over a month and my breastmilk regulated that I started pumping after feeds.

Right now, I only use my Motif breast pump to pump twice a day after feedings. My first pumping session is after the first feed of the day when my milk supply is the highest, and my second pump is after the third feed of the day so that it is spaced out from the first one and not super close to the night feedings.

I pump for two main reasons. The first is my want to build a stash for when my son starts going to daycare when I head back to teaching. Though I still plan on pumping while at work to provide breastmilk to the daycare, I still wanted to have a stash in the case that my supply goes low when my schedule changes. Additionally, it allows for flexibility in the case that I am out of the house longer than to be expected.

The second reason is that it allows me to make a bottle for later in the evening for my husband to feed and bond with our son. I wanted to give my husband the ability to hold him and feed him when he gets home from work so that he has quality time with our baby. And in the case that he doesn’t get home in time and I feed him from the breast, that bottle can also be used for a dream feed.

Exclusive Pumping

For the most part, I feed my son from the breast but by having the Luna pump, I have been able to build my stash which is giving me a little more confidence in taking my baby to daycare (because to be honest, I am getting anxiety just thinking about it).

Breastfeeding And Pumping


It’s Quiet – The Motif Luna is quiet compared to other breast pumps. And though you may not think matters, try sitting up a night pumping next to your husband who is trying to sleep, and a baby who is at the end of a sleep cycle.

It’s Quick – With little downtime during the day, the need for a breast pump that can pump in a short amount of time is high. When I head back to work, I will definitely need one that is super quick because breaks won’t be easy to come by.

It’s Covered – Yes! The Motif Luna is covered by your insurance. All you’ll have to do is check with your insurance and ask how they would like it submitted. Most insurances just need a script from your doctor saying that you are pregnant and when your due date is.

It Cuts Off Automatically – There have been times where I have pumped at night, in bed, and have laid back only to have fallen asleep while pumping. And there have been times where I have been so locked up in answering emails or scrolling through Instagram and I forget that I am pumping. But no worries, this shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.

It’s Light – I’ve needed to pump on the go, so with this pump only being about 2 lbs, I don’t feel like I am carrying around a whole weight. So putting into my breast pump bag with all of the other pieces I need, it easy and lightweight.

It’s Easy – It’s easy to set-up and easy to operate. Just set the massage level to your liking at the beginning and then switch over smoothly with one button to express the milk.

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An additional product that I am fond of that Motif Medical offers is the Natural Birth Recovery Garment. Right after birth, your body goes through a lot of changes. You grew a whole human! Your stomach, back and hips went through a lot. The recovery garment supports those main parts of your body to help them recover and to help re-stabilize your posture.

You can wear this right underneath all your clothes and it fits so that you can wear it under your nursing bra so it doesn’t interfere with feedings or pumping.

The breathable material allows for comfort and easy cleaning if you choose to wear it right after coming home from the hospital. Even at this point of being about two months postpartum, I still wear the garment for support and to help build my posture back up. Heck, I may even still be wearing it going back to work since I stand all day and any support helps.

P.S. You may also be able to get this through insurance as well!

Motif Medical Support Garment

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