Must Have Dresses for Fall

livinglesh blue mini dress for fall

livinglesh blue mini dress for fall

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean that you need to completely get rid of your dresses and tuck them in the back of your closet. What it means is that it’s time to start styling them in different ways than what you did during the spring and summer. I’m someone who loves wearing dresses all year round. When I swap out my closet, I barely touch the section where my dresses hang. Typically, the only time that I do, is when I am either adding my sweater dresses to the section or taking them out when it starts to get warmer. So whether you’re like me and keep your dresses in your closet all year or if you’re looking to swap your warm-weather dresses out for some long-sleeved dresses, I want to share with you some must-have Fall dresses that you’ll want to immediately add to your wardrobe.

When it comes to wearing dresses in the Fall, many of us automatically go to sweater dresses and long-sleeved dresses. And don’t get me wrong, that’s a great place to start and that’s probably the first place I start as well, but it doesn’t mean that you completely ignore that short-sleeved dresses that you already have in your closet as well as the ones that you still see stores selling.

Stores and boutiques sell short-sleeved dresses throughout the year because, during Fall and Winter, you can layer on top of a dress as well as underneath. Layering is the optimal style tip for not only being able to wear a warm weather dress during the colder months, but it also the style tip that will get you to extend your closet and make those splurge worthy outfits worth the credit card swipe.

Style Tip: Don’t think of layering as just putting a jacket or cardigan underneath a dress, think of layering also as getting a neutral top to put underneath the dress and make it look as if the dress was long-sleeved the entire time – essentially extending your wardrobe.


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