Pregnancy VLOG | What I Learned in My Second Trimester

The Second Trimester

As you all may have read or heard, depending on how you got here, my first trimester was the worst. I dealt with a lot of sickness and discomfort. But as my pregnancy moved forward, the changes started to get a little more noticable and by my second trimester I started to feel more like myself, but pregnant. That might not make sense to many people, but it’s one of those things where you don’t feel sick anymore and you’re back to feeling regular, but you just feel different because of your pregnancy.

My second trimester has been a crazy trimester due to many of the changes going on with my body and the balance between getting ready for baby, going to appointments and still keeping up with my teaching job. It, at times, was a struggle, but as I am coming to the end of this trimester, I must admit that I am going to miss this time. Most of my day to day experience in each of my trimesters have been shared on my Instagram. But I wanted do give you all a full recap of this trimester experience as I move into my third trimester.

I can’t fully say that my second trimester is my favorite trimester because I haven’t gotten to my third trimester as of yet. But I can say that this trimester, by far, has been much better than my first trimester. Pregnancy is an experience that is different for everyone. I say everyone because even though my husband is not carrying the baby, he is going through this pregnancy with me, and though he stumbles at time, he’s growing and learning himself.

This video includes all of the things that I learned in this trimester, my experiences, and what you can expect if you are expecting or planning your pregnancy.

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