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Nars Soft Matte

I’m a lover of makeup and fresh-faced looks and I love trying out foundations that are great color matches and give a natural looking long lasting wear. Even though I would never call myself a makeup artist or put myself on the same level as many of the beauty Youtubers that you see creating their own makeup lines and killing the makeup game, I will say that I know quite a lot of using makeup for everyday looks and even knowing a few techniques that have allowed me to create some creative styles. One of the brands that I highly use is NARS cosmetics, and I am really excited to share with you my review and tips on their new NARS Soft Matte Foundation.

The NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation is a full coverage foundation that gives a natural looking matte foundation that blends well and last for a comfortable full day wear. You can find the foundation in 34 shades and use it in combination with the NARS Soft Matte concealer.

The NARS Soft Matte Foundation comes in a matte bottle with a twist off bottle. To use the foundation, you can squeeze the foundation onto your hands and apply with your fingers or squeeze directly onto a blender or foundation brush for easy application.

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Nars Soft Matte Foundation

Review on NARS Soft Matte Foundation

Many people who have combination skin or dry skin typically avoid using matte products. And as someone who does have combination skin that is more on the dry side than the oily side, I typically am a person that avoids matte products. When I first received the NARS Soft Matte foundation, I was a little hesitant to actually use it because I felt as though it was just going to make my skin look dry, but after trying, I found out the contrary.

When using the NARS Soft Matte Foundation, here are a few tips that I have learned from a NARS Masterclass as well as from my own experience:

  • Use a good moisturizing primer before applying your foundation
  • Apply NARS foundation with your hands and fingers (blend with a blender afterward if necessary)
  • Use a setting spray right after your foundation dries and sets – you may end up using your setting spray multiple times in your makeup application
  • Bring a misting spray with you if you think your skin is going to dry out during the day

Having used NARS foundation in the past, I will say that this type of bottle is not my favorite of theirs. I love the glass bottles that you can either pour out directly or use a small pump. The nozzle of this bottle either gets messy, comes out too fast, or doesn’t come out fast enough because it gets clogged.

When applying, be aware that the NARS Soft Matte Foundation will come out a lot more liquid-like than some of the foundations that I have used in the past, but it does dry quickly. It did throw me off at first when I first tried out the foundation, but I soon learned that by squeezing the product right onto a foundation brush and letting it set for a few seconds before applying is a great way to go. The foundation does dry fairly quickly on your skin, which I appreciated as a mom who doesn’t have much time to go through a makeup routine, but note that if you take a little while, the foundation becomes harder to smooth out as it gets dryer.

Overall, I like the NARS Soft Matte Foundation. It’s a great long-wear foundation and is great if you’re looking for something that is full coverage. Putting it with the NARS Soft Matte Concealer is definitely the way to go, just make sure to let the foundation dry before applying the foundation or vice versa depending on you makeup application routine.

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In the video, I am sharing my initial review after using the NARS Soft Matte Foundation and NARS Soft Matte Concealer along with some additional tips for the application and your makeup looks.

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This is not a sponsored post, but the products featured in this post and video were sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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