Nassau, Bahamas Family Travel Itinerary

Location: Caribbean, Bahamas,
Nassau Bahamas Family Vacation Itinerary

When traveling to the Bahamas, each island comes with it’s own feel and travel experience. Over the years, I’ve visited the Bahamas with my husband and with other family members and each time it has been a different experience.

Our first time to the Bahamas, we went to Nassau for a Bahamas couples getaway that was fun and relaxing. The second time that we visited, we took a three day cruise to the Bahamas and then spent one full day on Grand Bahamas Island for a scenic day exploring. Each trip just built upon the love that I have for the island and with it being a very short flight from Philadelphia, whenever we want to do a weekend getaway and relax, the Bahamas is definitely on the forefront of our mind.

Now, as we traveling more with my son, we wanted to go back and have a family vacation in the Bahamas – and for this trip, we headed back to Nassau, Bahamas.

Recently, Frontier Airlines opened up a direct route from Philadelphia to Nassau with flights started as low as $70, so with it being a trip where we just wanted a weekend reset, we hopped on a under three hour flight from Philadelphia to Nassau Bahamas and were on our trip.

With this recent experience to the Nassau, Bahamas, I put together an amazing weekend family Nassau, Bahamas itinerary that is great for all ages.

Nassau Bahamas Family Vacation Itinerary

Tips for Traveling IN NASSAU BAHAMAS

Traveling to the Bahamian islands is always exciting, but like any type of travel, you always want to be prepared, especially when you’re traveling with children who aren’t always patient.

When arriving in the Bahamas, as with any international trip, be prepared to fill out your customs form on the plane and go through the customs process. If you decide for a weekend trip, I suggest getting a flight that has you landing earlier in the morning. Though you’ll end up at your hotel or resort prior to check-in, you will beat the long customs lines.

Once getting through customs and grabbing your bags, you’ll encounter many individuals offering to help you with your bags. These people, though very helpful, are working for tips and will not necessarily tell you that they are requiring money after they’ve helped you, but will stick with you at your shuttle, taxi, or limo service until you pay them. If you’re able to transport your baggage yourself, do so – especially if you don’t have cash on you. In relation to getting to your resort/hotel, I suggest that prior to your arrival, make sure to arrange a pick-up instead of trying to navigate taxis, if you hotel doesn’t offer shuttle services.

Also keep a note that certain areas of the island are cashless. Though tips are always welcome, there will be some fees that you’ll need to pay via a card. So either have a travel card that waives the international fee, or preload a card that you can use internationally.

Grand Bahamas Botantical Gardens

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When planning your trip to Nassau, Bahamas, make sure to familiarize yourself with their seasons. Though it is typically warm in the Bahamas with it dropping only to the mid-50s during their winter, they do have rainy seasons which could put a damper on some of the activities that you may have planned. Even during the the drier seasons, you’ll still want to check what the weather forecast is so that you can plan accordingly.


  • Rain jacket or poncho – it can ran at any time in the Bahamas and sometimes it’s not even forecasted
  • Swimsuits – the Bahamas calls for some fun in the sun and swimming activities
  • Sunscreen – the sun can be quite intense on the islands
  • Comfortable Shoes – some of the activities require closed toed shoes
  • Travel Stroller – if you’re bringing young ones who get tired quite easily
  • Beach Toys – for the little ones to play with in the case that your hotel/resort doesn’t have them
  • Waterproof Phone Case – for those who love taking pictures on their phones
  • Jacket / Sweatshirt – the evenings can get cool by the water when the sun goes down
Magaritaville Hotel Nassau Bahamas

My 3-Day Nassau, Bahamas Family Travel Itinerary

Day 1


After arriving, you’ll want to check in at your hotel/resort. There are a few great options, and one I recommend is Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau, Bahamas. The family friendly resort is great for all ages. Each of the rooms has a direct view to the ocean and depending on your stay, you can stay in the hotel or stay in one of the condos that gives you more amenities and makes you feel like you’re right at home.

On property, you’ll not only get access directly to the beach, but there is also a water park and an adults-only pool. There are also a number of restaurants and bars on property including JWB Prime Steak & Seafood, but if you’re wanting to get off property, Margaritaville is only a short walking distance from the Fish Fry and shopping at the Straw Market.

Other options on places to stay in Nassau for families are:

  • Margaritaville Hotel Nassau
  • Margaritaville Nassau
  • Margaritaville Hotel Bahamas
  • Margaritaville Nassau Spa
  • Spa Magaritaville Hotel Nassau
  • Margaritaville Hotel Nassau Spa

AFTERNOON: Enjoy lunch on property at the Vacation Café and then spend time at the property’s waterpark to get energy. After flying and finally settling, having a relaxing day to enjoy the property and all the activities available.

EVENING: Have dinner at JWB Prime Steak & Seafood – the restaurant is on property but not within the hotel. Enjoy dinner on the dock and enjoy the beautiful sunset while eating a savory family dinner.

Day 2

MORNING: Visit the Educulture Junkanoo Museum where you’ll learn about Bahamian culture and traditions. The museum is located in the childhood home of Arlene Nash Ferguson where she has repurposed each room to feature custom Junkanoo pieces, traditional fabrics, and an area where the younger children can learn about the history of the culture while also making their own headpieces and learning about the music. Keep in mind that there is no video allowed within the house, but you are able to take photos.

Bahamas Junkanoo
Junkanoo Bahamas

AFTERNOON: Explore the Queen’s Staircase and Fort Fincastle – this staircase, known also as the 66 steps, is free to visit and open to the public. You can climb up all 66 steps, built by slaves between 1793 and 1794, and land out Fort Fincastle. The beautiful staircase and castle is not only historical but majestic to visit. You’ll definitely need your comfy shoes for walking around this area, and depending on the day that you visit, prepare for a busy day with vendors around For Fincastle.

Nassau Bahamas The Queens Staircase
The Queens Staircase
The Queens Staircase Nassau Bahamas

For lunch, head over to 2 Storey’s Double Decker Restaurant where you can find yourself eating a delicious meal on top of a double decker bus. Keep in mind that visiting this restaurant requires a nice sunny day as there is no covering and they typically won’t serve food if it’s raining.

EVENING: Return back to the hotel/resort and enjoy some evening beach time before the beach closes down and then head over to dinner. Depending on where you are staying, you can enjoy dinner on property or enjoy dinner at Café Matisse – an upscale restaurant located in a historic building in Nassau. The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine and I suggest eating outside in the back area. It’s so beautiful in the evening and the atmosphere is just so relaxing.

Day 3

MORNING: Enjoy breakfast on property and then make you way over to Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre. This amazing property is the home of many different animal species including the free roaming flamingos. Depending on what time you get to the center, you can watch the Flamingo Show which is quite the spectacular and so fun. The show is a great time to get photos with the flamingos surrounding you since at the end of the show, they bring people into the center to stand and they’ll bring the flamingos to you for the photos. You’ll also be able to see animals such as a variety of macaws and animals that they may have on property that they are rehabilitating

Ardastra Nassau Bahamas

AFTERNOON: Return back to the property and have lunch while you get ready to pack up. If you’re staying at Margaritaville, there are a number of options such as the Vacation Café and Feeding Frenzy which will allow you to grab some food while you get ready to head home.


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Nassau Bahamas Family Travel Itinerary
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