How to Style a Nude Blazer for Everyday

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The blazer has always been a staple piece for casual wear and workwear, so it is no surprise that the nude blazer has become a highly shopped piece that many are styling to fit their personal style. Between blazers and blazer dresses, the blazer trend is just everywhere. But you may be on the fence about getting your own because you really can’t think of how to style it. With many different fits, sizes, and variance in nude tones, you may be thinking of where you should start, so I’m here to share some tips on how to style the nude blazer.

Before we dive into those key tips for styling a nude blazer, keep in mind that when you shop any type of blazer that it’s not going to look at great on the hanger as it does when you wear it. Blazers are meant to be layered, so you have to make sure that you have the basics for layering to make the blazer work for you.

So without further ado, let’s get into these tips for finding the right size and styling a nude blazer.

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Picking the Right Sizing FOR YOUR NUDE BLAZER

When it comes to choosing a size for any blazer, you want to take into account how you want it to fit on you. You may be someone who likes to wear a more fitted blazer or you may be someone who likes something that’s a little more oversized, but just keep in mind how you’re going to style it when picking out sizing. For example, oversized blazers look great when they are layered over and not buttoned up, but once you button them, they can look a little wonky and not be flattering to your shape.

As a petite woman who is 5’3″ and typically wears a size 2, I buy blazers that are both oversized and form fitting, and typically aim for an XS. Blazers are pieces that you usually want to purchase true to size and base whether it’s fitted or oversized based on how it’s being sold. You want to avoid ordering a fitted blazer a size up to make it oversized; instead, just order and oversized blazer.

You also want to keep in mind what season you are styling it for when it comes to picking the size for your nude blazer. Some of the style tips below can be shifted based on the season. For the Spring and Summer, you’ll probably be layering a blazer or a thinner shirt while in the Fall and Winter you may go a little thicker. So in the case where you may style a sweater under your blazer, you may then want to elect to go a size up in that case.

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Different Ways to Style A NUDE BLAZER

    A white mini dress is the perfect piece to layer underneath a nude blazer. The neutral colors blend together so well, and if you opt for a bodycon dress with either a fitted nude blazer or a oversized nude blazer, you’ll create a luxe look that will turn heads immediately.
    With a fitted nude blazer, wearing a bodysuit and high waisted bottoms will show off your shape and create an amazing look. With a nude blazer, you can opt for a white top and light wash denim or even go with monochromatic look underneath with a black bodysuit and black high waisted bottoms. Add a little pop to the all black with a black belt with a gold buckle.
    For a sophisticated, casual look, style your nude blazer with a white or light colored crop top and distressed denim. The layered look with create a high fashion street look without have to pay so much money to create it. I’ve seen this look in many magazines and street shots of celebs who are out for a casual day date.
    Create a more casual workwear look with a white button up top and straight denim layered under your nude blazer. The casual look still gives off “ready to work” vibes so it’s a great style for wearing into the office and then wearing to happy hour right after.
    For a more workwear look, put on a white top, crop top or body suit, and pair it with nude bottoms that are either the same shade as your nude blazer or a slightly lighter or darker shade to create a slight contrast, but be careful not to go to many shades away from the blazer color.

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