NYFW F/W ’16 – Recap


It’s been just about a month since I attended the F/W ’16 of NYFW. And through all the posts that you’ve seen, I’m sure that you can see that I had such a phenomenal time and that I can’t wait until the next season later this year.

But instead of me jumping to the Spring/Summer season already, let’s do a quick recap of what happened on the two days that I attended this season.

NYFW Day 1

9:15am – I arrived in NY by bus and met my fellow Philly blogger Guru, from Modaninja out from of the terminal where we called an Uber to take us to the hotel.

10am – After so much traffic, we finally arrived at the Doubletree Hilton on Lexington Ave, where they had our room ready for early check-in. I highly recommend this hotel. Though it’s not walking distance from the main area where NYFW events occur, it is only a 5 minute subway ride to almost anywhere NYFW related and they great you with free WiFi and a nice warm cookie.

10:15am – We grabbed another Uber and took another ride through the busy streets of New York to get over to the Amelia Toro showroom where we were greeted by the VP of Sales – Gina Conzo! For the full rundown of our experience check out this post & to see what outfit from Amelia Toro that I was able to wear to the NYFW shows, see this post!

Amelia Toro Showroom

11:15am – After a great experience at the Amelia Toro showroom, we took another Uber over to Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar in Midtown. We enjoyed a full menu lunch accompanied with signature drinks (I had the Malt Wine). You can see everything that ate and all of the things that I enjoyed in my review of the Ayza NYC restaurant.

12:30am – When lunch was over, we parted ways to handle some other business (not related to NYFW) and to get back to the hotel to begin getting ready for the upcoming shows and events of the evening.

Ayza Lava Cake

***Now I will admit, this was the time where we had the biggest break of the day, but getting to and from places is not difficult but it is time-consuming depending on how you want to get yourself around the city. As you can see, the beginning of my first day I did a lot of Uber ride which cost a about $10-$15 a ride and took anywhere between 20-40 minutes.***

5pm – It was time to hit the subway to travel over to the Chromat Show at Milk Studios. I had no seating assignment so when I got there, I received a ticket for standing room. Now here is where I learned my first lesson of NYFW – get to the shows early! Since I had arrived a little later, I ended up towards the back of the line for standing room. They let people in slowly and then all of a sudden the line I was in was cut short and security informed us that there was no more room and the show had already started. Oh well, better luck next time.

5:30pm – I head over to the Gibney Dance Studio where Nika Tang was presenting her A/W ’16 line. You can see of the full concept and the designs showcased on this post about the Nika Tang presentation. I couldn’t stay long so I took a few photos, met the designer, and then I was off back to the subway to head to Moniyhan Station for the Francesca Liberatore show.

DSC 0123

6:15pm – I reached my stop to get to Moniyhan Station and raced over to the venue to check in and receive my ticket. As I checked it at the venue, I received my standing room ticket and got in line to wait. Fortunately, since learning my lesson, I was in the front part of the line and as they let us in about 20 minutes after my arrival, I was able to get into the show and get a pretty good standing location.

7:15pm – The Francesca Liberatore show started and I was able to take in the designs of this fabulous designer and experience my first big NYFW show – see the full coverage and photos from the show here.

DSC 0179 E1455482163560

9pm – After the show, I met up with my blogger friend at Galli Restaurant where we were treated to a nice drink and an evening dessert. Soon after, we headed back home on an Uber and went straight to sleep.

NYFW Day 2

This day started off with us being able to sleep in a little later since we had left Philly at 7am the day before and got back to our hotel and went to sleep around 11pm that night.

10am – We collected ourselves and headed back over to the Amelia Toro showroom/boutique to return the outfits that they so graciously let us borrow for the previous day’s events.

12pm – After another short Uber ride (it was too cold for the subway this day), we headed over to the Chelsea Market for an authentic Italian meal at Giovanni Rana. You can see everything that I ate and see my full review on the restaurant here.

IMG 2937

1:30pm – When we had stuffed ourselves and sat for a awhile sipping some afternoon wine, we decided to hail a Lyft to head over to Skylight Clarkson Square for the Leanne Marshall show. We arrived exceptionally early so we were only able to get our tickets, but could not get to our seats. So we were escorted to the Papyrus Lounge area where we received some free swag and met some other amazing bloggers.

Leanne Marshall

3pm – The Leanne Marshall show started and this time I earned a wonderful seat with a great view. I sat second row around the runway, which was put together so magnificently. You can see my favorite looks from the show on my previous post here.

4pm – After the Leanne Marshall show, we had a big gap of time. But we headed over to the next location, Pier 59, and sat in the waiting area and chatted with a few other bloggers and press to see how their experience was going and get a few tips for future NYFW trips.

DSC 0286

5:30pm – We entered into one of the spaces at Pier 59 to witness the debut of Michelle Helene as she presented her F/W ’16 line – see of the full presentation here.

6:30pm – After taking some amazing shots and talking to the designer as well as other attendees, we decided to trek over to the Milk Lounge for a couple of hours before we had to head back to the bus and train station to head back to Philly. The Milk Lounge was put together by Maybelline, and there we received so many free Maybelline products and some amazing warm weather drinks (they had a bourbon cider that was to die for – so warm, so appropriate for the cold weather).

Img 2955

7pm – Then it was a wrap, we head back over to the hotel to grab our luggage and then I head back to t the bus terminal for my trip back to Philly.

Honestly, I will say that just those two days at NYFW was so packed and busy. I felt like I was constantly in motion just travelling to and from each place. And though it was bitterly cold during the event, I had a great first experience. I know that when the SS ’17 – I will be looking to visit New York again to get another experience for NYFW.

And I know that now since you went through my whole recap of my experience, you’re wondering how I was able to get invites to these shows, presentations, and events as well as doing collaborations while in New York. Well, I can say that if you check in within a couple of days, there will be a post that will provide you with the steps and tips to get yourself invited to top shows and parties at NYFW.

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