Olay’s Vitamin C Moisturizer: Journey to 2x Brighter Skin

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What is one thing that you tend to look for when it comes to skincare? Are you looking for a product to give you glowing skin? Maybe, it’s a product that will make you radiant and make your skin feel energized and firm. I am constantly looking for products that keep my combination skin hydrated and brighter, which is why I jumped on the challenge to use Olay’s new Vitamin C moisturizer for 28 days. 

I have used Olay products in the past, and still maintain those products in my skincare routine. I even have my mother hooked on one of Olay’s moisturizers, so much to the point that I am restocking it for her on a frequent basis. 

Using the Olay Vitamin C moisturizer over these past days has given me results that I am very excited to share with you all.

Olay Regenerist Moisturizer


My skin has always had its challenges. And those challenges have changed each year that I get older and fluctuate over the various seasons. There are quite a few products that I include in my skincare routine and those products change between my morning routine and nighttime routine, and change during the warmer months from what I use in the colder months. 

In my younger years, I had dry, acne prone skin that I battled with for many years.

Now in my adult years, I have combination skin that tends to be uneven in tone and often looks dull due to stress, tiredness, and just the day-to-day wear on my skin. 

So I knew that heading into the 28 day challenge with the Olay Vitamin C moisturizer that there was a lot that this moisturizer was going to need to do. I have never been let down by an Olay product, so I had very high hopes for this new one. 

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The Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide24 moisturizer is made up of a variety of productive ingredients that power together to create results for any skin type. Though, I am not one that typically looks too far into the ingredients of all of my skincare products, I found that the Olay Vitamin C moisturizer did so well that I really just needed to know.  Some of the key ingredients in the moisturizer are:

    This antioxidant is known to brighten skin and boost your skin’s natural collagen production. With vitamin C being the main key ingredient, it is evident that this moisturizer is formulated to brighten your skin.
    Building off of the vitamin C is peptide which is a natural building block of skin’s collagen. This ingredient is also boosts collagen production while smoothing out your skin’s texture to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
    This key ingredient works to diminish the appearance of pores and tackles hyperpigmentation. With this ingredient in the Olay moisturizer, you’re getting smoother skin and even tone.
Olay Vitamin C Skincare


I’m someone who is super picky about a moisturizer. I’ve had moisturizers that I have gotten rid of because they were too thick, made my skin feel too oily, or they just didn’t provide the nourishment and moisture that my skin needed. 

After using the Olay Regenerist Vitamin C moisturizer for 28 days, I noticed a great difference in my skin’s texture and the brightness of my skin tone. With it now being the Fall season, my skin typically has a duller tone and looks less energized than it does during the Summer.

This moisturizer gave me that brightness back and I was able to see that it actually made my skin 2x brighter than it normally would be around this time of year. 

With my fondness for Olay skincare products already, the Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide24 moisturizer is going to be another year round favorite that I’ll keep consistently stocked in my skincare collection.

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