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Thank you to buybuy BABY for collaborating with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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It’s pretty obvious that I don’t delay in getting done what needs to get done. And since I am super excited that Baby V is on the way – coming August – you know that I did not procrastinate on starting to put together our baby registry. That’s why I am so super excited to share with you all our baby registry with buybuy BABY! Hubs and I partnered with buybuy BABY to create our registry, and even though we are partnering with them, we had already chosen to go with them even prior to initiating this partnership because they are so fabulous and because of the variety of perks that they offer. I’ll be sharing those perks, some of the top brands on our registry, and revealing what’s coming up for us with Baby V.

To get a little insight on how we are preparing for Baby V with buybuy BABY, you can check out our registry here.

Baby Registry Consultation

Buybuy Baby Registry


We were first introduced to buybuy BABY when talking to an associate at Bed Bath and Beyond. When we were putting the touches on the bathrooms in our new home, I was talking to one of the associates about some small child items that were on sale that I decided to grab prematurely (I was buying these things in preparation for us getting pregnant. Baby V wasn’t even on the way.) In the conversation about the items, I talked to her about amazing it would be if the store had a whole kid section for baby and toddler. She then went to explain to me that the reason that they didn’t is because of buybuy BABY. It was right then that I made the decision that when we finally did get pregnant that this would be the first place I would start my registry because of the great experience that I had with Bed Bath and Beyond with our wedding registry.

There are so many perks that buybuy BABY offers when you have your baby registry with them, and you can find them all here.

But I also want to highlight some of my favorite perks that I have experienced while starting my registry.

1 – Experts on Baby! I know that when I first began looking at items online for baby, I got overwhelmed right away. So many options, how is anyone supposed to choose? Those at buybuy BABY are experts on the products and will work with you to recommend the right products for your need and lifestyle. During my store visit, I was asked whether I cook at home often or not and when I answered yes, it indicated which items I should choose to feed Baby V.

2 – Occasional registry sweepstakes just for adding items to your registry.

3 – 15% completion discount that you can use to purchase any remaining items off your registry

4 – Free shipping for up to a year after baby is born…no matter the amount of the order! Need to order just one pacifier? Yup, they’ll ship that for free.

5 – Price match! Find the same item at buybuy BABY at another retailer? They’ll price match, so you can shop in one place.

6 – Simple returns for items bought off your registry – which is super exciting if you are like me and immediately lose receipts once you receive a gift.

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Listen, like any other mom, I immediately went to Pinterest to begin looking for nursery design ideas. I’ve saved a few dependent upon us finding out the gender, but when it came to finding base items to start grabbing ahead of time, I was having a hard time finding certain pieces that I wanted in the exact hue that I was looking for.

Now, when I began putting my registry together with buybuy BABY, I immediately found the exact crib that I wanted – which you can see below. We actually already went ahead and purchased our crib, which I am super excited about because it is a piece that starts off as a crib and transitions all the way to becoming a headboard for a full size bed.

But the other piece that I was looking for to put in the nursery was a rocking chair, and buybuy Baby had just what I needed to find exactly what I wanted. They have a variety of styles of rocking chairs and the majority of them are able to be customized to the fabric and color that you want.

And even more, if you just have no idea where to start with your nursery, they offer nursery design services that will help you to build your nursery and put those items that you need on your registry.

Luxury Pack And Play Nursery Crib Buybuy Baby Travel


1 – Graco > great picks for travel (car seats, strollers, etc.)

2 – 4Moms > they have the best items that make mom life easy…mom hack anyone?

3 – Fisher Price > this brand has been around forever and they still don’t disappoint

4 – Baby Starters® > great for baby basics and neutral clothing for baby

5 – Philips Avent > baby needs to eat and they have all the right products to make sure baby is eating with comfort

6 – Chicco > top brand pick for our bassinet and our high chair

You’ll find all of these brand on our registry and when going around the store with our consultant, the expert told us these are the brands that are dependable and are highly rated. Most of these brands are well stocked so that there is no chance that they will sell out. Well, at least not within the week until the next restock happens.

Baby Rocker

Buybuy Baby Stroller
Buybuy Baby Umbrella Stroller
Travel Stroller
Umbrella Stroller

We will be prepping for Baby V and the nursery throughout the month. Especially because the crib is on its way and could be here as soon as the first week of April. I’ve tasked hubby and my brother with that installation, and my mom already has said that she’s going to come over and test it to make sure it’s safe for her grandbaby.

Next month, we will also be having our gender reveal which I am super excited about but will have a hard time holding out on not knowing especially because we will have the appointment almost 4 weeks prior to the gender reveal get together.

As we gain more items for baby, I’ll be adding it to my baby/nursery shop page which you can also access from the drop down on my menu, so stay tuned for that and more posts/updates about Baby V and how we are preparing for him or her.

Meanwhile, head to buybuy BABY to start your own registry, or call your local store for an appointment! You can also use the ‘Copy a Friend’ tool and copy over items that you may find that you like from our registry.

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