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I’m so excited to share with you all our Beauty and the Beast themed baby shower. It was only last Saturday that we got together with our family and friends to celebrate the coming arrival of Baby V. I tried to share some moments on Instagram stories during the shower, but I was having so much fun that I didn’t get to post a lot. So now I am here to share this post and share with you all our baby shower that aligned with my favorite Disney movie.

If you haven’t seen the other aspects of our pregnancy, we have used the Beauty and the Beast theme consistently for each moment and celebration. We did it for our pregnancy announcement and we also maintained the theme for our gender reveal party. So it was a no brainer that we would keep the same theme for our baby shower.

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Beauty and the Beast PARTY DECORATIONS

We included the Beauty in the Beast theme by first keeping with the color palette of blue, gold and red. We wanted to focus more on the blue and deeper gold to match more of the Beast’s look because we are having a boy instead of the bright yellow. Throughout the decor we highlighted with red and pink to bring a little brightness out and add a little flair.

With the decor, I was adamant on having a head area where I could sit and take pictures with my guests. For the wall backdrop to we used some table clothes just to have a base and then Slay Displays produced a custom flower arch using the theme color palette to bring a center focus to the front. It was amazing to watch this entire process which started way before the shower when I was able to pick out the colors for the flowers that would be used, and then during the set-up, options were presented on how the flowers would be organized. Julia from Slay Displays was just absolutely amazing in making sure that this arch was tailored to me and the theme of the shower.

Also at the head, we had a throne chair that was no only luxurious and looked just like a royal chair that Beauty and the Beast would sit in themselves, it was also comfortable. Luxe Luxe Rentals provided the chair for the time frame that we needed for the baby shower and gave us a variety of options to choose from (there are even Game of Thrones options to choose from). The throne chair was perfect for our baby shower, and honestly, the only thing that made me upset about Luxe Luxe Rentals is that I hadn’t found them earlier for my bridal shower and wedding.

We DIYed our baby blocks using square boxes that we grabbed from Staples and craft materials we grabbed at AC Moore. For those who asked how we did the letters, my sister did fabulously freehand those letters but you could always stencil them if you wanted.

Beauty And The Beast Baby Shower
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Baby Shower Throne Chair
Dessert Table Baby Shower


Our Beauty and the Beast dessert table was a huge highlight at the baby shower. The Beauty and the Beast decorations were fabulous and pulled focus in the room and everyone raved about the desserts. My husband and I typically leave with leftover desserts to take home and engorge on ourselves, but the desserts were such a huge hit that we barely took anything home. When we did arrive home, my husband realized that he didn’t even get one of the cookies which he was so super bummed about.

For the Beauty and the Beast decorations on the dessert table, we started with a table cloth backdrop similar to the backdrop of the head area and then TBD Concepts decorated the backdrop with an immaculate balloon arch. When putting this together, the process was a lot easier than I thought. All that was required before hand was to provide the details of the event and provide the color palette of our event and then she took it from there. When she arrived with the arch to assemble, I was more than excited to see what she had put together. It was more than I had actually anticipated and the color combination was something beyond would I could have thought to put together myself. TBD Concepts not only does balloon arches, but also does florals for events as well – which again, makes me upset I didn’t know about this during my wedding and bridal shower.

We also decoded the dessert table with a rose letter box and a variety of blue, red and gold Beauty and the Beast enchanted roses from Love by Fleur. The variety of colors and the roses pulled the focus on the blue and red like we wanted in order to balance out the gold and white that was on the table from the desserts – which then brings me to our delicious desserts.

In royal fashion, I so wanted a cake that was as kingly was we are planning for our little prince to be. Lysa’s Cake’tique provided us with a beautiful cake that she designed based on our theme that was absolutely amazing. I was stunned by the design and guests fawned over it as soon as they came in. And then cutting into the cake, we were able to fall into a sugar coma just by the first bite of the smooth vanilla cake. Lysa’s Cake’tique also made the cute little (and of course delectable) cupcakes and mouse shooters that we didn’t have leftovers of either.

The other greatness that we had on our dessert table were the custom cookies from Sugarluxe. Again, the cookies were designed based just off of the fact that our theme was Beauty and the Beast. When we first received the cookies to the shower, I immediately told my husband that I wasn’t sure that I wanted anyone to eat them because they were so beautiful. It got so bad that after we ate our food, my niece asked if it was okay to start in on the desserts and I held off on allowing anyone to eat the cookies because I was still unsure whether I wanted anyone to touch them. I loved how Sugarluxe took the colors of Beauty and the Beast and integrated them into baby gear and then added on the enchanted rose and the “be our guest” cookies. P.S. I still have one that I am keeping to myself because I want one to just keep looking at for awhile.

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Beauty And The Beast Desserts
Beauty And The Beast Baby Shower Cake
Beauty And The Beast Cake
Beauty And The Beast Dessert Table
Baby Shower Cookies
  • Beauty And The Beast Baby Shower Cookies
  • Beauty And The Beast Cookies
  • Baby Shower Desserts
Baby Shower Dessert Table
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Rose Balloon Centerpiece


Love by Fleur also designed our beautiful centerpieces and party favors. I adored the party favors especially because of the little roses that were inside that matched our shower theme. And then on the outside, it included our big ‘V’ and a silhouette of Beauty and the Beast to match the theme. When we gave these to our guests, they loved the design and were stunned that the roses smelled so amazing. It took quite some time to keep convincing people that they were real and that they would last over a year. It was a huge hit and I was so happy to be able to give my guests a gift to remember this celebration by.

Single Rose Party Favors
Beauty And The Beast Party Favors
Baby Shower Party Favors

Our Beauty and the Beast Baby Shower Details:

Dress: Saved by the Dress
Shoes: Macy’s
Table Clothes (tables & backdrops): Party City
Cake: c/o Lysa’s Cake’tique
Cookies: c/o Sugarluxe
Mousse Shooters: Lysa’s Cake’tique
Cupcakes: Lysa’s Cake’tique
Be Our Guest Sign: Amazon
Gold Dessert Plates: Party City
Enchanted Roses: Love by Fleur
Balloon Arch: TBD Concepts
Throne Chair: Luxe Luxe Rentals
Flower Arch: Slay Displays
Centerpieces: Love by Fleur
Party Favors: Love by Fleur
Baby Blocks: DIY project – materials from Staples & AC Moore

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