Our Last Moments as Two: My Maternity Photos

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Iesha 62

There are moments in life where you just can’t find the words to explain the emotions that you feel. You’ll search for the words, and at times, you’ll think you’ve found them, but they just don’t feel right. For us, this is one of those moments. Today marks the final month before Baby V arrives. It’s the final month before we become parents. It’s the final month of us being a family of two. The final month before we open our hearts explode with love as the life that we created together enters this world. I’ve spent almost a year cherishing each kick, punch, roll and hiccup as he grows inside my belly. Even though I have written about the trials and pain of pregnancy, I don’t think I would have given up one moment of it. But now, I’m ready to share him. Our little king.

As I sit here and type out this post, I can’t help but think about how I’m soon going to be a mom. That there is a life that will come into this world that I will be responsible for. I’ve never really imagined myself as a mom. Even when my husband and I got married and talked about our future and the family that we may have, I never really could fully envision someone calling me mom. And even to share a little more, when my husband and I first discussed getting married, when we were dating, I wasn’t fully sure whether I truly wanted to have children. To be honest, it was more out of fear. Fear of failing as a mother. And though that feeling has not gone away, I am truly excited to be having this moment where my husband and I are saying goodbye to the time of just being “Vincent…family of two” and welcoming our son.

And it’s in this moment, that I am happy to share with you our maternity photos.

I want to thank Steph Vasilidias (Stephanie Vasilidias Photography), once again, for taking our maternity photos and catching this precious moment in our lives. 


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