Out of the Holidays and Into the Rest of Winter

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The holiday season is coming to an end. You can still drive down the roads right now and marvel at the holiday decorations. And, if you’re similar to my family, you still have some holiday gatherings that are planned since everyone could not get together on Christmas Day. But no matter what your situation is, it’s time to accept the fact that after NYE, the holiday season will be officially over and it’s time to endure the rest of the winter season. But before you do, make sure you head out into the stores and grab those holiday decor pieces that you may have thought were too expensive when they first hit the shelves. Stores are dropping prices like crazy because they need to get rid of their stock, so this time is always the best time to actually buy you holiday decorations for the next year.



Getting ready for the winter has a vastly different meaning in the north than in the more southern parts of the country. When stopping through Florida on our way to the Bahamas earlier this week, our Uber driver talked about how the other day it was 60 degrees and it was cold for them. We all laughed together as he realized that we are from the north and are dealing with temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

But no matter where you live, getting ready for the winter is all about first getting rid of those pieces in your closet that aren’t winter friendly and you didn’t really wear them during the warmer months either. The other ways that I get ready is by making sure that I am bringing those bright colors into the winter months so that everything is not too dreary. Even if you can’t find colors that pop, or they just aren’t for you, work on wearing those prints. The warmer you look, the warmer you may feel.

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