How to Create Your Oversized Blazer Outfit

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The oversized trend has been a big one for the past few years and it does not seem like one that is going away. And as the the trend has developed many variances of the oversized trend have come out including the oversized blazer outfit trend that has taken on many different styles of how to wear it. Whether you’re looking to do the oversized blazer outfit trend through wearing your blazer as a outerwear piece, a secondary layer or as a blazer dress, you can make this style your own.

There are key elements to styling this trend and there are a variety of ways that can go with it. My first tip before we get into the various ways of styling this trend is to know that it is essential to have some base accessories to go along with your blazer in order to make it look amazing.

Some key accessories to have when styling this trend are: a belt, statement bag, boots/booties, and statement jewelry. If you’re going to style your oversized blazer as a blazer dress, then these key accessories will definitely come in handy. But even if you’re going the route of wearing your blazer as outerwear, these accessories will will help you to create a variety of looks.

Most of these accessories are probably already in your closet to help you style other trending looks, so it’ll be easy to adapt these into this trend.

So now that you have your accessories, it’s time to get into how to style the oversized blazer outfit trend.

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    Yes, the oversized blazer is mean to be larger than a fitted one, but you want to make sure it is the right length. My suggestion is to style oversized blazers that come down to right above your knee, but if you’re comfortable with a higher hemline, you can have dresses that come up shorter.
    Not all blazers come with belts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t style an oversized blazer with a belt. By using a belt, you’re establishing a midline and making the blazer seem more like a dress. In this look, I made this oversized blazer seem more like a dress by splitting the top and bottom and establishing a midsection.
    We often already pair boots with outerwear during the cold weather season, and even more we like to pair boots with our jackets when we have jeans or another pair of pants on. By showing a little skin but keeping most of it covered by the boot will keep you warm and bring that more dressy feel to your look.
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There are a variety of ways to style this trend, but at the end of the day, like any trend, it is about making the trend your own. Below are a few tips to take and use to style the oversized blazer outfit trend. Whether you’re someone that is looking to make a bold statement in your outfit or whether you are looking to go a little more subtle, you can take these tips and go either way with the trend.

    The oversized blazer trend often gives a masculine look, so in order to add a contrasting element and luxe femininity, pair the oversized blazer with a pair of fitted ankle jeans and ankle strap heels.
    Style your oversized blazer with a dress or top in skirt in one single color to create a bold monochromatic look.
    Contrast the oversized blazer with formfitting or bodycon dress to accentuate your body while also rocking the oversized blazer outfit trend.
    Wear your blazer with a pair of shorts that play against the length of the blazer. Add on a pair of boots or booties to create a bold look.
    Put on a crop top under your blazer and pair it with a some high-waisted bottoms. If you’re feeling a little shy, feel free to button up your blazer or go bold and leave it wide open.
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