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White Floral Pjs

Are you someone that swaps out your pajamas during the cold weather season? As the seasons change, we all go through the process of swapping out our wardrobe from summer to winter, and for some of us that does include swapping out our pajamas and loungewear. I used to be one of those people. But after a while, I realized that having pajamas to wear all year round are the best kind of pajamas to have. It’ll keep you from having to swap out any clothes and there are key pieces that you can get to keep your comfortable no matter the season. My personal favorites are women’s sleep shorts, but find those perfect pieces that are most comfy to you!

I’ve included links to my favorite nighttime pieces and sleep shorts women love throughout the post, but if you’re in the mood to shop around, I have items on my LTK from Target, Amazon, and Nordstrom – usually at a great price, and sometimes even on sale or with free shipping and delivery! 

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Luxury Pajamas


I love this floral pajama set because it’s flirty and cute. The design is light and dainty – I love the size of the flowers – and it’s a super comfortable sleepwear set. Just because you want to be comfy doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun, sexy sleepwear. I love picking out sets with a fun design or lace trim. Sexy pajama sets? Yes please! When it comes to choosing the right pajamas to wear all year, I have a few key tips for picking out the best pajamas and women’s sleep shorts along with sleep essentials that will keep you comfortable each and every season.


Add a Few Accessories

Having a few nighttime accessories can also get you through the nights each and every season. My suggestion is to get a comfortable robe and some sleep masks. I love robes for the colder seasons so that I can put them over my short pajama sets like the floral print pajama set in this post. Sleep masks are also great for the summer mornings when the sun comes up just a little too early and you don’t have blackout curtains.


Put Self Care Into Your Nighttime Routine

Though comfortable pajamas are super important when it comes to a great, comfy sleep, your skincare routine at night can be a game changer. I’ve learned over the years that I sleep better when I have self care moments right before bed. So make sure that you’re taking the time to take care of your skin right before bed, because it will make a huge difference.

All Year Pajamas
All Year Pjs
Floral Print Pajama Set
Floral Pajamas
Floral Pajama Set
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Pjs For Every Season
White Floral Print Pajama Set
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White Floral Pjs
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