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As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with some spring pastels! Pastel shades are the perfect way to add a touch of femininity and softness to your look. This season, we’re seeing an abundance of pastel colors in fashion, from lavender to mint green, baby pink, and pale yellow.

Whether you’re looking for a cute summer dress or a chic blazer for the office, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pastels into your wardrobe. From delicate accessories to bold statement pieces, pastels are versatile and easy to style.

How is your spring season going so far? The weather in the northeast has been back and forth. I’ve been just trying to get through it because it’s been so dreary this spring season. With all of the rain and humidity, there’s only been the occasional nice spring day. But the highlight of the summer is that the trending pieces in the pastel colors like this pink and blue dress are overtaking the overcast days and bringing light to the darker days. What’s even more amazing is that these spring pastel pieces are looks that you can wear year around.

You all know that I am definitely one who is all for extending your wardrobe. When it comes to shopping, we need to make sure that our purchases budget-friendly. If I am going to buy an outfit that costs me $50, that outfit needs to also have the purpose of being disassembled to be connected with other looks.

Now, I will say that I am swaying away from avoiding the splurge. I will splurge on outfits more occasionally now than I did before, but I am still keeping to the midst of maintaining a wardrobe that can mix and match, so that the splurges don’t actually end up being splurges, but just updates to my year-long wardrobe.

But anyways, back to these pastels…

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Spring Pastels

Pastels are mostly known to be the focus in stores around Easter. Everyone focuses on the light pinks and purples to match the new blooms. They are bringing brightness after this horrible winter that we just had. But fortunately, stores didn’t cut off the supply of pastel pieces which is giving me hope that we will still be seeing the fabulous pastel colors way into the summer. I mean, they are great for all year around, so why not just keep them in season all year-long.

The thing with pastels is that you can pick dresses, tops, or bottoms in pastels or have your clothing be neutral and accent your outfit with pastel accessories. I often find that you can find a lot of shoes and handbags in pastel. They pair well with a white summer dress or even other one-color looks.

One of my favorite looks in pastel is this summer dress that I found at Urban Outfitters. The various pastel tones in this dress are absolutely fabulous. I can accessorize it with a variety of different neutral handbags and jewelry. When I found this dress in my local Urban Outfitters store along with a collection of other fabulous pastel pieces. I mean, there was even a pair of sneakers in pastel that I almost walked out of the store with, but I held back because my sister was giving me side-eye looks on the amount of money that I was spending on one shopping trip. She will soon learn my way of shopping.

Tips for Pastels

For this look, I made the pastel dress the focus and paired the look with a neutral brown handbag and sandals. This look would be perfect for a spring or a summer day. Where I can go out with hubby on a day date to head out with friends for brunch. It would be great even just to take a day trip and head around town. You all know that I am definitely one for the latter. Give me a trip or staycation that focuses on food and drink and you’ll have one happy camper.

An additional tip with pastels is to choose pieces that match with what you are planning to do this season. From trips, events, celebrations, etc. Plan your wardrobe in connection with your calendar.

Petite Style Pastel Outfits

So, overall, if you don’t have at least one pastel piece in your closet for this spring and summer season, you need to run out and grab one, two, maybe even three or more pieces to add to your collection and complete your warm weather season wardrobe.

Make sure to head down to this post and check out some of the amazing pieces that I collected to shop for this season that is trending and very affordable. These pieces are great for any season, and you’ll absolutely adore them.

Urban Outfitters
Spring Dress

There are so many pastel design options to choose from for this summer season. It actually can get a little overwhelming, but when choosing your picks, just make sure to stick to your personal style. My advice is to also choose pieces that you can match with some of your favorite summer fashion wears that are already in your closet. Unless you’re doing a total revamp of your closet, similar to what I’m doing right now, you want to make sure that you are adding pieces that extend the wardrobe you already have.



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