Philly Patron Secret Dining Society

Patron Secret Dining Society

Patron Secret Dining Society

I love secrets. Especially ones that I’m a part of. And when there is food involved, to me, it’s like a dream come true.

About a weekend ago, I head the greatest experience. I was invited to attend the Patrón Secret Dining Society Philadelphia event. It was a night filled with great food, amazing drinks, and fantastic people.

The event was hosted on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia. And to tell you how secret it was, those invited did not even know the location of the event until we arrived. I’m telling you the truth. The day before, we were only given a place to meet and check-in, and then we were escorted to the location by a marching band.

Now, I could write an entire novel including every single detail of the night, but honestly, you have to really experience it to fully enjoy it. But, here’s a quick rundown of what happened.

After we were escorted to the location of the event, which was in a beautiful boathouse along the river, we were given our first cocktail and then we were invited to sit on the deck along the river to enjoy passed hors d’oeuvres.
Roca Patron IMG 3518 Patron CocktailPhiladelphia Secret Dining Society IMG 3523

After about an hour or so, we where then invited to climb the stairs of the boathouse and join together for dinner.

The table was elegantly decorated with candles and summer flower centerpieces. I was just excited to be eating with gold plated silverware. I mean, how often does anyone get to do that?

Our chef for the night was renowned Philadelphia chef, Jason Cinconski, who didn’t disappoint with any of the four courses. I am one who typically eats really fast, but during this event, I took my time to enjoy every single bite on my plate.

The drinks for each of the courses were put together my master mixologist, Jason Littrell. Secret Dining Society Secret Dining Society Philadelphia IMG 3530

Each course and drink were paired together so well, that I thought that these two had worked together so many times before. The taste of the food and the drink complimented each other with every bite and sip.

Throughout the night, we were provided with details about Patrón, but the best part is that we spent the night talking with all of the guests attending the event.
IMG 3531 Patron Secret Dining Society Course Diver Scallop Noodles Patron Stand The Gaff Drunken Rib Steak IMG 3542

With my secret invitation, I was allowed to bring my fiance which made the night ten times better. He helped me to pick out my summer cocktail outfit and kept me close as we enjoyed every single moment of the night.

Who better to spend this wonderful experience with than the love of my life. Arbuckle IMG 3556 IMG 3561

The night ended with final goodbyes, two foot long sparklers and a goodie bag filled with Patrón glassware.

I would share with you what I received in my bag, but I want to keep some secrets about this night.

Make sure to follow Patrón on Instagram for drink recipes to bring into your own home. Also, make sure to visit them on their website and look to see whether there is a secret dining society event coming to your area.

You make be one of the lucky people to be taken into the society and invited to the event!

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