Personalizing Our First Home Before Moving In with Behr

Behr Paint Gallon 2 Scaled

Thank you to Behr for providing the paint for this house project. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Behr Paint Gallon 2

In case you hadn’t heard, hubby and I purchased our first home at the beginning of October. After the long time of searching for and putting in offers, we finally had one stick – although there was a small speed bump that had me a little scared – and we are super excited to be moved into our very first home as first time homeowners. And since that big purchase date a lot of things have happened. We did a few renovation projects and are still decorating each an every room.  Throughout the next couple of months, I’ll be doing room reveals and then, at the end, I’ll do a full home tour, but in the meantime, I want to recap what our first project was prior to use moving any furniture into the house.

When we first toured this house, I fell in love with every aspect of it other than the colors of the walls. To me, the colors were too dark and I just couldn’t settle with the mustard brown color that it was. Some of my family and friends tried to convince me that it wasn’t too bad, which is isn’t horrendous, but I couldn’t deal with it in each every room. So as we moved closer to closing, I told my husband that we had to paint the majority of the house back to a white (with a tint of cream).

He’ll admit that he wasn’t too keen to the idea at first, but after weeks of pestering (and then just ordering the paint anyways), he finally gave in. For our paint project, we decided to to with Behr paint.

Behr paint is a bring brand, and I’ve seen in every time that I go to a home renovation store. And with the color options that they had in different finishes and with paint + primer mix. It was a no-brainer when we decided on what paint brand we were going to go with.

For this project, we needed enough to cover an entire main floor (living room, dining room, hallway, main entry), the master bedroom, one of the guest bedrooms, and the upstairs hallway. It was a daunting task, but with our 8 gallons of Behr paint in Simply White and the help of my amazing family and two best friends, the project only took us a weekend.

The paint went onto the wall and stuck to it quite easily. We needed two coats due to the darker color of the wall that we were covering, and though I was a little nervous at first on how white it was when we first started painting, the finished color gave e it the cream tint that I was looking for.

Overall, our first renovation project was a huge success and it kept us moving in the direction that we wanted to go in as we pushed to settle into our new home.

You can check out the pictures that we took of some of the before, during and after of our project. You won’t see many of the people that were helping because we were so busy painting that we almost forgot to take pictures. I was so into the painting that I didn’t realize how much paint I had in my hair and on my face.

But no worries, Behr paint won’t stick to your skin and make you feel like you’re going to be painted a different color for all eternity.

This whole process has been nothing but exciting, and there are so many more projects to come and I can’t wait to reveal them all to you!

Family Room Renovation

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