Why Utility Pants Are Great for Petite Women

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A few weeks ago, I talked about why the tie-ankle pants were so great for the petite frame, and as always, I’m constantly sharing style tips on how to make yourself look taller for those who just want a little more elongation in the leg or torso. Even more, I shared style tips on how to style a utility jumpsuit trend and the different style perks that come from wearing it. So to take it to another level, I wanted to share with you all the reason why utility pants are perfect for the petite frame and how it accentuates and elongates.




Like many other clothing pieces that I share, the utility pant comes in a variety of styles so that it can meet almost anyone’s personal style and be a great addition to their closet. But there are some major consistencies that you’ll find with utility pants that make them great for everyone – but especially petites.

The utility pant comes in a very comfortable material. It’s usually a soft cotton material that allows you to move around and do whatever you may be doing that day. I especially love the pants because it is great for working, but also great for after work when I have to chase my son around. If I were still teaching, this is would be a style of pants that I would want to wear every day.

But in the sense of how it’s great for petites, the first reason is it typically cinches at the ankle or stops short so there’s no drag. That has been one pet peeve that is shared among petites. Pants or maxi dresses/skirts that are way too long to wear and will drag unless you put heels on. And in some situations, the heels won’t work. With utility pants, you’ll find that the majority of the styles don’t need to come in the petite size when it comes to length because the length stops short from dragging.

Another reason why it’s a great piece to have as a petite is that it creates curves in the hips and accentuates the small waist. Many of the styles you’ll find in utility pants are high waisted, but even the ones that aren’t still give the same effect. You’ll see this pant create a widened hip to make you look like you have curves while hugging to the waistline which then goes on to further develop curves – overall, creating that hourglass shape.

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